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A three-week intensive virtual summer camp for mathematically gifted students from around the globe.


A unique virtual learning experience for middle and high school students who seek to explore mathematics, physics and chemistry. Live, instructor-led classes are held once a weekend for 12 weeks.
AwesomeMath olympiad math books


Books for talented and motivated students, math enthusiasts, teachers, and math coaches.


AwesomeMath doesn’t just teach you math, but they invoke the curiosity inside you, until a stage where you start to push yourself higher. My love for math explodes during the course, and it’s just so fulfilling!

AwesomeMath truly offered me a remarkable experience, even with the difficulties by being online. The classes were fun, the instructors were easy to get along with, and they teach you with materials of just the right difficulty, providing not only theory, but many examples and practice problems. It is nice to be able to communicate with math lovers around the world for three weeks. Overall, this has been definitely one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had in my life. Spend your summer with AMSP!

AwesomeMath is one of the best math enrichment programs for mathletes! The unique and challenging content is matched by equally substantive teaching. The program would not spare you the rigor or beauty of competitive math.

AwesomeMath is one of the best places I have gone to for competitive math. The explanations in class were clear, and the examples given in class were challenging and intriguing. Thanks to AwesomeMath, I’ve greatly improved in my problem solving skills and math skills in just over a few months.

I would enroll in the AwesomeMath Online Summer Program because the Instructors are really doing a great job of teaching via the virtual medium. I enjoyed having collaboration with other students.

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