Since its inception in January 2006, this free journal has attracted readers and contributors from all over the world. It successfully brings together enthusiasts with different mathematical and cultural backgrounds for the common purpose of making mathematics even more beautiful and exciting. The journal publishes six issues each year.

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AwesomeMath Summer Program

What? A three-week intensive summer camp for mathematically gifted students from around the globe. An initiative in response to parents and teachers of bright students who have not yet shone at the Olympiad level, as well as of those who would like to expand what they have learned in programs such as MATHCOUNTS. These talented students wish to hone their problem solving skills in particular and further their mathematics education in general. Many of our participants seek to improve their performance on contests such as AMC10/12, AIME, or USAMO.

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Propspective student's question and former student's answer:

Q: "I want to join the awesome math summer camp. It's too late for regular registration and I have to apply for late registration. I really want to do good in math competitions and I love math. I do USAMTS but did not qualify for AIME and I do mathcounts and amc but I did not get the highest scores. Can I still get in? And I'm afraid I might not be able to keep up (i'm in 7th grade BTW). And what does the camp do on weekends. Will I feel like one of the younger ones there? Any advice?"

A: "You should go for it!
I went when I was your age and I hadn't qualified for AIME at the time either.
I loved it when I went, I got exposed to a lot of brilliant people and famous professors, and learned a huge amount of math.
most kids there will be older and more advanced than you though, so keep in mind you will be in beginner classes (level 1). But that's not a bad thing-- it really motivated me to study more math because I saw how great other people were.
Work hard on the problem set and send it in asap! good luck!!"

"I thought that I was really good at math before coming to AwesomeMath. Then I met a lot of brilliant teachers, campers and counselors who all showed me that I was wrong. However, that's not all bad. I know that when I'm in school, it's easy not to push myself to the max but to settle for below my potential. However, these three weeks have given me a whole new outlook on what it means to be successful, to work hard, and to do your best. Thank you AwesomeMath!" - Matthew Nyhus

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