** Formerly AwesomeMath Year-Round (AMY) Program **

Math Olympiad Training (MOT) – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Would this course help me improve my scores in mathematics competitions?

A: The material and problems are carefully selected to provide students with in-depth knowledge on a particular concept. It will show them how to write thorough and well reasoned proofs. Therefore, it is not aimed specifically to mathematics competitions, but rather teaches students how to critically think and approach challenging problems. Developing problem solving skills will help students not only succeed in mathematics competitions, but also form a solid basis for other disciplines.

Q: Is there an admission test for the course?

A: There is no admission test for this course. Math Olympiad Training is appropriate for students who already qualified for AIME and/or participated in the AwesomeMath Summer Program.

Q: I have a child in 6th grade, who participated in MOEMS, but neither has qualified for AIME nor participated in the AwesomeMath camp. Is this course at the right level for him/her?

A: It will be hard to answer based solely on this information. You will need to email alina@awesomemath.org to get in touch and determine the appropriate course of action.

Q: What is the difference between this course and another on-line program? Should I do one or both?

A: Math Olympiad Training segments really go in depth. Many of the segments have three difficulty levels (easy, medium, and hard) with roughly 30 problems each. Most of the medium and all of the hard level problems are in general difficult and even harder than other programs’ problems. The course has something for all skill levels. However, it is really beneficial for people looking to do well on higher level competitions. We heard from other students who scored well in mathematics competitions that they were enrolled in multiple programs.

Q: Can you recommend additional resources?

Q: I’m at a mid to high level on AMC tests, but haven’t qualified for AIME. What can I do to bridge the gap between qualifying exams and Olympiad exams to join/be ready for your program?