** Formerly AwesomeMath Year-Round (AMY) Program **

Math Olympiad Training (MOT) – Student Testimonials

“With a sense of responsibility at my command, I wish to state in no uncertain terms that the AwesomeMath Summer Program earlier this year and AwesomeMath Year-Round (AMY) now has contributed to my personal mathematical development; and my journey in mathematics has been influenced by the exceptional training I’m receiving from my teachers here. The programs provide deep interaction and have a conducive environment for learning. Problems for the course have been thoughtfully picked to challenge and raise interest about the topic. Solving them, while never easy, has given me a high degree of mental stimulation; each one with an intent and objective to help me understand the underlying concepts better. I like it and enjoy it a lot.”


“The AwesomeMath Year-Round program has introduced me to aspects, approaches, and concepts of mathematics that I would otherwise not be able to study myself. The program has especially emphasized the ability to think, a significant tool that most schools do not introduce students to.”


It was in Grade 8, year 2013, when I first acquired Dr. Andreescu’s book Mathematical Olympiad Treasures. The copious number of gems presented in the material ignited in me an appetite for Mathematics and creative thinking, opening for me a world of boundless intellectual challenges provided by the various Mathematical Contests and Olympiads. During my training for the Olympiads, the Regional and National Mathematics Contests in India and then the Team selection test for the prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), the major resource that I used for guiding me were the books written by Dr. Andreescu and the books offered by the AwesomeMath community. The innumerable theoretical concepts, examples, problems with corresponding solutions, explicit illustrations and the motivation which the authors have striven to pass to the reader were so well conveyed that anyone who has a passion and love for Mathematics and Mathematical thinking would definitely say, “Awesome”.

Later, I came across the heart of the AwesomeMath community: The AwesomeMath Year-Round Program, which is a truly enlightening experience. The segments are very well designed and the material encapsulates fascinating and charming pearls and rubies of Elementary Mathematics. Each segment has assigned to it a unique flavour, illustrating not only Mathematical ideas but also dealing with the author’s query about “Why things should be true?” The ideas are conveyed in a very lucid and elaborate manner with emphasis on converting useful insights and intuitions into rigorously packed airtight proofs. The ideas are very simple and to the more experienced reader might even look ‘standard’ but they are applied in such witty ways that one is often stunned with the realization that such ingenuity is even possible. Each author, with his own style of problem-solving, influences the reader to think creatively. The examples lay the table for the main course: the problems. Each problem is a brainteaser and savouring and reflecting on the solution makes one enjoy it even more. The most important feature is the invaluable art of proof-writing that is very important in math contests, research, and in almost every aspect of life. The true beauty of pre-university level mathematics is captured in a single problem, making any Mathematics lover feel contented. Another enchanting experience that the AwesomeMath community provides is the Online Math Journal – Mathematical Reflections, exposing the readers to problems, solutions and knowledge of Mathematics at varying levels of difficulty. The community also has a bookstore providing innumerable books varying from the ones designed for pre-Olympiad students to the notoriously challenging book “Problems from the book”.

The Program has helped me a lot by providing lots of interesting and fun-to- solve problems and I would like to thank the AwesomeMath for spreading the joy of mathematics to the community. It is indeed an experience worth a try and the monetary cost of this program is negligibly small when compared to what one receives. In one word, it is “Awesome”.

Anant MudgalAMY Participant 2015-2016, IMO 2015