Mathematical Reflections Submission

Mathematical Reflections invites submissions of articles, problems, and solutions from all readers.

Contributors should keep the journal’s target audience in mind; articles should be accessible to undergraduates with a strong mathematical problem-solving background.

Articles may come from any area of mathematics in which the target audience is likely to have at least a basic knowledge, but should present the topic in a problem-solving context. Problems with given solutions and open exercises are both acceptable. When appropriate, figures should accompany the exposition.

We now require all submissions to be provided with (La)TeX, PDF, and image files (if any). Submissions not satisfying these requirements will not be considered. All files should be sent to

Note: For those not familiar with LaTeX, ShareLaTeX provides good beginner resources and an online typesetting environment at no cost:

Along with any submission, please include the author’s full name and current academic affiliation (when not applicable, substitute city, state, and country).

Submissions must not be copyrighted or submitted for publication elsewhere. Articles will be published exclusively online at