About AwesomeMath Bookstore

Our books are published by XYZ Press which was established in 2008 by Dr. Titu Andreescu to answer a need in the ever-growing area of competitive mathematics. After having established the AwesomeMath Summer Program in 2006, a camp designed for mathematically talented students looking beyond the standard curriculum, Dr. Andreescu recognized the increased demand for creative problem solving – not only for students in the United States, but all over the world. Students who study competition math learn problem-solving techniques that apply to a wide variety of subjects, helping to create the critical thinkers needed to solve tomorrow’s problems.

Did You Know?

That each publication:

  • has high quality stitching and binding so that they lay flat when opened. This is because Dr. Andreescu insisted that our readers be able to work on problems without having to struggle to keep their spot in the book.
  • is written by authors who wish to guide the reader to compete globally while raising the standard of mathematics teaching through complexity, depth, and variety of problems.
  • has a professionally designed cover which stands alone as well as complements all our other designs, making your AwesomeMath collection a lovely addition to any bookshelf.
  • contains clear, comprehensive, and novel proofs which guide your problem solving to higher levels.