AwesomeMath Bookstore Shipping Rates
Rates effective starting June 7, 2022
Shipping ZoneOrder QuantityShipping Cost Per Book
United States (Domestic)1 – 2 Books$7.99
3 – 6 Books$4.99
7 – 19 Books$3.99
20+ Books *$2.99
International1 – 2 Books$35.99
3 – 9 Books$29.99
10 – 29 Books$23.99
30+ Books *$11.99

* Orders of 20 or more books also qualify for 40% off total purchase

Shipping Delays

AwesomeMath book orders are processed within 1-3 business days of receipt. Reasons your shipment could be delayed that are out of AwesomeMath’s control:

  • Weather
  • Holiday rush
  • Covid-19
  • Package(s) lost in transit
  • The address provided was not correct or complete
  • Delay with international customs
  • Increase in domestic and international e-commerce orders
  • Change in mail carrier service standards

All customers who purchase books from AwesomeMath are provided a USPS tracking number. Should you encounter a significant delay in receiving your order, please contact us so we can further assist you.

Shipping Notice

We are not able to ship books to the United Kingdom due to customs fees, or China, Russia and Ukraine due to delivery problems. Please use our foreign distributor Eurospan to place your order.