Academy Testimonials

At AwesomeMath, we strive to enrich our students problem solving abilities so that they can improve their competition math performance in a diverse environment with challenging courses and fun activities so as to create life-long memories and friendships. But don’t take our word for it, read what our awesome students have to say about the program.

"Your physics and chemistry classes are amazing; almost a month has passed since the beginning of the course and I have been enjoying myself a lot. The classes are really engaging and the instructors are very friendly and helpful. I look forward to Saturdays a lot more because of the classes and I am so glad to have enrolled in them!

AwesomeMath has given me an amazing opportunity to learn challenging math, physics and chemistry, and I am really thankful for that."

Jia T. (Malaysia)

"I have attended the online course (Intermediate: Problem Solving 3). I learned a lot of advanced knowledge in Algebra, Combinatorics, Geometry, and Number Theory which are frequently tested in AIME and higher level math contests. I benefited from Number Theory the most because the course provided a lot of useful theorems and their application. I would like to recommend this course to any students who want to improve in AIME or other contests."

Benjamin J. (Florida)

"This was my first AwesomeMath Academy Mathematics course, and I took Novice Problem Solving Level 2. I could have not been more pleased with the explanations and lesson plan that was taught to me. Each class built it's intensity up, using topics previously presented. The homework problems assigned were easier than the ones that we did in class, but I found that helpful because the problems we discussed in class were stimulating conceptually while the homework was able to give me a chance to apply those concepts. The instructor for this class was very clear, concise, and interactive with me. I was able to contact him outside of class with questions I had on the class materials or problem sets. He also catered to the needs of the students in class, sending polls asking us how much of the material we already knew. That way, he was able the gauge the level of explanation he needed to give us, and rather explain to us material we didn't know. I was able to get a short review on the fundamentals of each concept and then learn the more complex counterparts that built up my understanding. All the problems we covered were very thought provoking, and I will definitely be taking another class from AwesomeMath again!"

Ankita K. (Minnesota)

"From my experiences in the Awesome Math courses and books I can say that I have never been bored or not challenged. The Awesome Math program has put me into the right classes so that I am challenged. The problems they provide are challenging and fun to do as well. If I can not do a question then I can just ask for help. I have learned a lot about subjects such as number theory, geometry and probability. Awesome Math has also done a great job online, they made their google classroom homepage very easy to navigate and I feel like they have done everything to make that experience better."

Benjamin K. (Illinois)

"The teacher, Mr. Patrick McClintock, is kind and cheerful, so I am always excited to attend class. Every single lesson deepened my understanding of specific topics such as angles, triangles, and linear equations. I also learned new things such as circles and tangents. The homework is not too hard, so I can finish every time. I like that the information on each topic is divided into sections instead of random problems, and they label it, so I know what each method is. I also appreciate the recordings because I can always watch the recording when I realize I don't understand something when doing the homework. Like on week 10, I got stuck, and I looked at the video. I found whatever I was stuck on in the recording. This course also took questions between problems, so if you are stuck, you can ask a question, or someone else might. I found it helpful that Mr. Patrick went over the problems and asked if there was anything we did not understand, making sure nobody was left behind. Going through the problems at the beginning of class also helps to get my brain running, especially since my class was in the morning, right after I woke up."

Jack L. (Illinois)

"This class introduced me to physics in both a school and competition setting. It was easy to follow and interesting even in an online environment, and I also had a lot of fun in the class. I learned a lot of material about acceleration, energy, planetary motion, and rotational motion."

Sheldon T. (California)

"This class improved my knowledge in physics and I gained confidence to solve more complex physics problems that my school did not cover. The teacher and his assistant are very patient and they helped me to understand many mechanics questions. My experience with the online environment is great, and no problem with effective communication."

Wenbo J. (Canada)

"Patrick is a great instructor. I have deepened my understanding of Number Theory and Algebra. The online learning experience is also very effective and I was able to interact with my classmates and instructor. Overall great experience and highly recommend if you are looking for additional challenges."

David D. (Florida)

"This class helped me learn the difficult topics on mathematics including fundamentals of counting, Binomials, cyclic quadrilaterals, Modular arithmetic and inequalities. I knew only a little bit of these topics. Now I am better prepared to answer harder problems in AMC10 and Math Counts test."

Arnav G. (Virginia)

""I came across Academy in the Fall 2020 and attended both the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semester and loved the wholesome experience. The fact that the program was online was also good because it allowed for more flexibility and was easier to integrate into my schedule. I obtained a wealth of valuable math skills that I'll be able to put to use in math competitions. One of the best benefits is that the material is challenging, monitors progress, and there are carefully chosen examples and problems which stimulate ingenuity. I learned new and non-routine topics in combinatorics and discrete mathematics which is crucial for modern computing and Computer science. We learned Algebra, geometry, and number theory in the mathematics course which forms the essentials and is essential for careers in STEM fields. The Academy helped me solidify my past knowledge while providing me with more new techniques and insights. The Academy is the best choice for any student who aims to be successful and loves competitive math. The explanations in class were clear, and the problems assigned provided a way to connect with the instructor. The segments are very well designed and the material encapsulates fascinating nuggets in Undergraduate Mathematics. The richness of this course has given me precious insight into mathematics and has changed the way I see mathematics in the world around me. Thanks to AwesomeMath, I've greatly improved my problem-solving skills and math skills in just over a few months. In summary, the Academy experience is Awesome.""

Raghav G. (India)

"I learned many math topics in depth that I never knew about, I knew some basics about the topic, but AwesomeMath provided more depth learning into the topic and I learned many math strategies, I also like the homework sets, very useful problems and I liked the concept of lecture notes where everybody could see it, I would recommend AwesomeMath to others."

Shreyas D. (Texas)

"I learned a lot about higher level math topics that often appear in math olympiads. Some of the most helpful topics I learned about include lagrange interpolation, quadratic residues, and generating functions. These techniques have helped me greatly simplify solutions to some otherwise difficult problems."

Isabella Z. (Virginia)

"The Intermediate Problem Solving Level 3 Course was extremely helpful. It allowed me to solve AIME problems from the 5-10 range, something that I couldn't do before. The problem sets were very good and high quality, and the teacher explained the concepts very well in class. The algebra section was very fun and I learned a lot from it. I highly recommend this course to other students who want to take this course online."

Rishab B. (Texas)

"This program has helped me increase my knowledge in math in various ways. The teacher was very nice and explained the concepts very well. One thing that I liked the most was receiving hints for problems. It is agreed upon many people that solving problems without looking at the solution is very important. The teacher gave me hints to help me do so, and this has helped me to improve my problem-solving skills greatly. Also, the course had many topics that aren't covered normally, such as levels. I usually studied math from Art of Problem Solving's books and by solving problems in the AMC, and I have never seen a method like that. However, it became a very useful method to solve problems as I became familiar with using it. It offered simpler, more clever solutions, and has made me to think a lot, which ultimately helped solve more problems and harder problems more cleverly. Finally, the problems that come in the problem set are all very thought-intriguing, and require you to think creatively and critically, and each problem has taught me lesson. Overall, I would recommend this course to anyone who has started preparing for the AMC 10."

Junyong C. (Texas)

"The class was highly informative and definitely developed my knowledge of mathematics. As a note, I've always been someone who was slightly worse at geometry and combinatorics, and this class really helped me become better at these, as even for theorems I already knew, I was able to explore math in a higher level of detail. For example, I never expected that I could do so much with the principal of inclusion and exclusion or the number of ways I could change a geometric figure so that it becomes cyclic. I also enjoyed the sections on modular arithmetic, such as Wilson's theorem and more. Despite being in an online environment, I learned a lot, and will certainly benefit from the class I took in the future."

Ananya S. (California)

""Awesome Math's Physics was a great and unforgettable experience, Dr. Branislav is very knowledgeable. He made physics very approachable and interesting. The class extended my math knowledge and helped me apply it to the real world through the lens of physics. The teachers are very accessible and quickly respond to questions.""

Matthew E. (California)

"My child took the Physics Level 1 class with Dr. Branislav. She was aware of some of the concepts of this introductory level class before the class started. However, she didn't fully understand the concepts. Dr. Branislav had an engaging way of explaining the concepts,. The historical background helped put the concepts into perspective. My child told me frequently that she enjoyed the class. The homeworks were challenging and the feedback was very helpful. The most learning did happen by working on the homework. There were times when she really struggled with some problems. However, the instructor was always available to answer questions by email and was very prompt in his responses. Overall, the class was very challenging, but the experience was positive and we will be back for Level 2 in Fall 2021."

Anu L. (Texas)

""It helped me honing my skills in solving Algebra problems. The teachers are very nice in explaining all the minor details a student has to pay attention to. I do not see much difference between physical class vs online class. In fact, online class allowed me to be on time without worrying about commute logistics.""

Raju A. (California)

"This math class taught me many new concepts, particularly in geometry. The online experience was fun, and it felt like I was in an in-person class. My instructor explained how to use "levels" to solve hard geometry problems. Even though I have already taken a geometry course before, I still learned many new and interesting topics that helped a lot."

Sunay M. (California)

"This class, Awesomemath Spring Course, was extremely helpful in teaching me about more advanced topics in combinatorics, geometry, number theory, and algebra. Before the class, I would struggle with most counting and probability questions, but the combinatorics class layered the basic, fundamentals of counting and built up by covering the Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion as well as Binomial Theorem. I especially liked the Fundamentals of Counting problem set as it made me apply basic ideas like the sum and product rules for complex problems. I also loved the Algebra section as it went into inequalities which I never really associated with Algebra. I especially liked the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality as well as Titu's lemma since they could easily be applied with minor manipulation of inequalities. The online environment was fine, but I think that if teachers used breakout rooms, students could communicate more for questions instead of only solving them individually. Overall, I found that the course was phenomenal, and I hope to return next year for more math and possibly physics."

Neil K. (California)

"After taking the L3 AwesomeMath class, I saw a visible improvement in the scores of the mock tests that I took. During the class, I found that the theorems discussed in class that revolved around number theory and geometry helped boost my performance the greatest, while the algebraic problem sets helped me to practice and expand my knowledge in algebra. The combinatorics section was especially informative, as the application of the methods taught became increasingly frequent when I went over more problems. The online experience was also excellent, with M. Tip Phaovibul being an engaging and supportive teacher."

Kayden Z. (Texas)

""At the beginning, I was feeling very uncomfortable with the instructor (Dr. Mtip), and I was hesitant to unmute my mic and talk. Then, I emailed AwesomeMath regarding my concern, they replied and I was feeling more involved and excited for each upcoming session. The response from AwesomeMath made me feel that I was the one thinking pessimistically. After that, whenever I submitted my solutions or answers in class, I felt some sort of positive energy as Dr. Mtip engagingly commented on them. Thus, I feel that Awesome Math is always highly recommended for anyone with any amount of knowledge in any aspect.""

Mohammed I. (India)

""I learnt a lot from L2 AwesomeMath and I discovered how Awesome Math is :) . In fact, every problem set and set of lecture notes, beyond the online classes, were beneficial to me. The course helped me understand how to systematically solve problems from olympiads. I have to mention that Mr Patrick is a highly enthusiastic teacher and a fun one too. He makes problem-solving easier and joyful at the same time. I could attempt problems that I couldn't solve before the course started. The discord group and ability to communicate with my class peers and Mr Patrick was great and led to some new friendships and more contest fun (PurpleComet). As a homeschooler, most of my learning is online but I felt my AwesomeMath classes created a warm, comfortable and enjoyable environment for learning more of my favourite subject! What I especially loved - In number theory, the systematic study of Arithmetic functions like the Euler's totient function made me understand lemmas in number theory that I couldn't understand before class and also results I knew before in a much clearer manner. I enjoyed trigonometry and using it to understand lemmas in euclidean geometry even better. The course built a foundation on probability, conditional probability, geometric probability which allowed me to think differently and approach a broader set of probability problems.""

Dheekshanya T. (India)

"The Spring 2021 online course not only enlightened me in terms of problem-solving skills but also reaffirmed my interest in math. Although most concepts covered in this course were new and intriguing to me at first, the instructor delivered them in an easy-to-follow way. We had lots of fun doing math together. The class experience in turn motivated me to do more math after each class. I can certainly use what I learnt from this course for my future math competitions. For example, I had difficulty in solving combination problems in my past competitions. Equipped with combinatory logic I learnt, I’ll be in a better position to solve any type of combination and permutation questions. I really want to take this course again to learn more math concepts."

Sihong Z. (Hong Kong)

""My name is Miłosz K. I am 17 years old and I live in Warsaw, Poland. I have recently attended the Awsomemath Course which I strongly recommend. If you are passionate about math and have some free time this is the course for you. I made such a decission and it was a very good one. The lessons were quite interesting and I learned many new things. Before the first class I was stressed how the lesson would look, for instance, would we have to turn our cameras on and other online problems But when the class started in the first few minutes I turned my camera on with no worries as the atmosphere was great. My teacher Dr. M.Tip Phavoibul was a very kind and communicative person. He had no problems talking to us. But what is even more important, his math knowledge was impressive. He showed us many interesting methods to solve problems. Even in geometry (which is my passion and I thought that I already know every theorem) I learned new tools to solve problems: ie. a spiral similarity combined with a Miquel point. These two things are related to each other, but I didn't know that they're that close and interesting facts you can prove using just these two things. From this course I understand that there are still several items for me to discover in geometry. During the lessons, Dr. Phavoibul showed us many examples for us to have a better understanding of the topic and always he checked to be certain that we understood everything. If somebody didn’t understand something he or she could easily ask Dr. Phavoibul questions on the zoom chat. He also gave us tons of problems to practice after each lesson and each week we were given 3 problems to solve: easy, medium and hard ones as homework. We could also ask each other for hints on Discord, which was very helpfull for me. The most difficult (and most interesting) part for me was called combinatoric. I learned how generatic functions work and how to use them. It gave me a much better understanding of probability and some sequances which are important in mathematics (ie. Fibonacci sequences and Catalan numbers). We also had lessons about ""q-notation"", which is an immense and challanging topic in mathematics. Dr. M. Tip. Phavoibul showed us an easy way to understand the basis of such a difficult topic, and encouradged us to study it. We also had symetric polynomials and I think it was the most fascinating topic for me, from all of the lessons in this course. From the technical side - i like that the courses where orginized in different hours of the day and in that way people from different countries and different time zones could choose the time which suits them the best. Having this in mind the online course was perfect for me. :) Summerizing, it was a great and challenging course helping me to discover and learn new things in a great atmosphere. I wholeheartedly recommend this course and encourage you to attend it !!!""

Milosz K. (Poland)

""The course was amazing. Instructor is very good. And the problems covered during the session are extremely helpful to solve the problem sets. Some of the problems in psets are very challenging. It is important to understand that even if you doesn’t solve all of them, you still learn a lot. This a very good foundational course geared towards building competitive problem solving skills.""

Sharvil K. (Japan)

"My class, taught by Mr. Mcclintock, significantly improved my understanding of mathematics. I really appreciate that theorems are proved before using them in problems as it deepens my understanding of what is actually going on. During class time, I always am able to catch up, and there was never a time where I felt uncomfortable to ask a question. I also really like the fact that there are warmup problems to start the day, even if they don't relate to the subject we are on that day, because my brain needs time to start processing math when I have just woken up (my class was in the morning). Something I really liked was when Mr. Mcclintock made us a little quiz on Zoom for us to answer the problems. When we all finished it, he publicizes the percentage of what everyone answered for each problem, not the actual answers. That gives me a heads up to if I answered correctly. Then, we went over the questions and gradually revealed the actual solutions. There were a few weeks that I feel benefited me a lot. That would be the week we talked about levels and the week we talked about trigonometry. Levels were always something I had trouble with, as many of my previous teachers went too fast when explaining how they applied concepts from the basic problems too the hard ones. However this time, the class went slowly from simpler problems to the harder ones, increasing a little in difficulty every time. This time, I could follow along very well as we went through the more advanced form of using different concepts thoroughly. The same could be said about trigonometry. Although I could understand the very basics of geometry, I always end up very lost. This time however, I got through just fine. Everything was thoroughly explained, and I understood how one thing connected to another. Sometimes, even though I understood the different parts, the moment they're put together, I get horribly confused. However the moment I understood how parts fitted, my thought process is immediately smoother. I really did enjoy the math class and was disappointed when I saw it was the last day. I had a very beneficial experience, thank you Mr. Patrick!"

Allison L. (Illinois)

"Awesome Math taught me to think critically in Physics and Chemistry. Before, I was barely at the grade level in those two, but as a result of taking this AwesomeMath class, I enjoy these two much more than I did before. I think that AwesomeMath has helped me grow as a student and a person. In both courses, there were areas where I struggled. My homework, consequently, was less-than-perfect. However, the class TA's were AWESOME, and explained each problem fully, emphasizing on where I had gone wrong. The class notes and homework solutions were VERY in-detail, and I will definitely continue to learn from these as I review them again and again. AwesomeMath made online learning seem less boring. Normally, we might get worksheets and the teacher would answer questions. Here, on the other hand, the teacher actively explained and responded to voiced or typed comments and questions. It was a great experience for me, and I would definitely recommend anyone to try these courses."

Harini V. (Texas)

"The AwesomeMath spring course not only taught me math concepts but also guided me to think out of the box. It was quite intellectually stimulating in a sense that, in addition to new topics, it gave me a deeper understanding of the topics I knew and at the same time pushed me to think about similar topics from different angles. The course also helped me with certain topics in which I was not strong. For example, I used to find it difficult to solve linear equations. After learning lecture 7 on this topic, I finally found out the fun of solving such equations and thus do not think of it as difficult as before. Last but not least, I had lots of fun learning from our fantastic instructor as well as learning together with students from different places. I really like this course and am looking forward to attending more courses by AwesomeMath soon."

Sihan Z. (Hong Kong)

"I took the Awesome Math Level 1 Physics Class. The teacher was very helpful and whenever I had a question he answered it thoroughly. When we were learning about torque and angular momentum, I had trouble with the homework but the instructor explained it very well and I was able to do the homework very quickly. My F=MA score jumped from a 3 to a 10. Now I am closer to qualifying for the USAPhO. I recommend this course to anyone who is new to physics and wants to get close to qualifying for USAPhO."

Rishab B. (Texas)

"Most of the topics covered in the course were new to me, and they were explained very well, so I feel like I learned a lot, especially in the geometry portion of the course. I also think that the problem sets were the right level of difficulty such that they were not extremely hard, but hard enough that I had to think about for a while and ingrain the material taught in the classes. I found learning online to be just as beneficial as face to face would've been, although I've never actually attended one, so I can't say for sure."

Rohan S. (United Kingdom)