Academy Testimonials

At AwesomeMath, we strive to enrich our students problem solving abilities so that they can improve their competition math performance in a diverse environment with challenging courses and fun activities so as to create life-long memories and friendships. But don’t take our word for it, read what our awesome students have to say about the program.

"Taking an Awesome Math class was an amazing experience for me. It increased my love for problem-solving and helped me remember why I find math so beautiful in the first place. In particular, I enjoyed the lessons taught on graph theory and coloring arguments because I ended up using a lot of what I had learned in proof problems I did outside of the class. I also loved learning about Lucas sequences and the primitive divisors theorem in the second semester. It was a really cool revelation when everything tied in together at the very end. The problem sets were also very helpful; solutions were extremely detailed. They were a great way to review what had been taught in class. Many of the in-class examples we did were from Putnam, USAMO, or even IMO. The advanced level of problems was perfect for the rigor of the class. The most valuable thing I gained from this course was a new perspective of looking at problems. My approach changed, and I learned a lot about where certain proofs come from and why they are useful. I especially liked the teaching style and format of the class. Even though we were in an online environment, my questions were always answered immediately. I cannot wait to take another Awesome Math course in the future!"

Mihika D. (Virginia)

"The spring semester of level three math was very challenging. Not all concepts were completely new to me, but they were generalized and the problems which came with them had more cases to list. I am thinking in particular about the inclusion-exclusion principle which was covered during the study of probability. I had seen the idea before but in much simpler problems - here, I had to be patient and careful when working through the calculations. There were concepts I had never heard of such as multiplicative functions. I think I need to see more of their applications in number theory in order to appreciate them, but now I know they exist and are important. The homework was manageable and the clues given by the teacher always helped me find at least a partial solution. I really liked that we were given time to work on some problems in class, i feel it is good to be able to think even a little bit about how to even begin a problem, before you are guided through a solution. I am also glad that the recordings of the lessons were available. Sometimes I had to listen to a lecture a few times before I understood everything. If you are thinking of taking this class, you will be challenged, there is no way around it."

Sophia P. (Illinois)

"Awesomemath has truly provided me with a great experience. From the awesome teachers, to the engaging lessons, to the challenging homework, Awesomemath improved me and taught me things beyond what my current school curriculum was teaching me. Thank you Awesomemath, for all you have done to me and the mathmatical community!"

Sweeya T. (Texas)

"I took level one math with Mr.Patrick. I liked the lessons. Some of the lessons I already knew. Some lessons were new - for example the angles in circles and the tangents. But Mr. Patrick explains very well, and I was able to do the entire problem set every week. I like that we can ask him questions and ask for hints. I feel good about this level and I want to do level 2."

Bryan P. (Illinois)

"Everything was amazing in my opinion. I loved the way awesome math classes gives us challenging problems. Even though i was familiar with few of the concepts, the problem level was tough. This helped me to improve my problem solving ability from AMC to AIME. These classes give you a handout, 2 problem set with solution which gives us the perfect resource for problem solving and theory. In the spring classes we learnt most of the topics from number theory, Algebra, Number Theory. The teachers were really amazing in teaching the concept and the online classes what the teacher took was just like an offline class. Last but not the least, I was able to improve my AIME score in mock tests from 3-4 to 7-8 within 1-2 months. I really thank awesome math academy for making such a wonderful course."

Ashrith E. (India)

"This class solidified my introductory background to physics in both the theoretical and problem solving areas. I was able to learn about not only the deep background of physics, but also how it can be applied today. I was also able to develop a concrete understanding of problem solving concepts that had been unclear to me before. For example, prior to the class, I barely understood the concept of projectile motion despite being familiar will all the formulas. However, after watching my teacher go about solving a plethora of different problems involving this concept, I was able to solidify my own understanding of it. I feel like the online format was not an issue for me since I have been online learning through the pandemic."

Sargam M. (New Jersey)

"Awesome Math is really awesome! It is the best math class I took outside of school. The length for each class is just right so the teacher can go over many math problems, and the format is perfect, so I could learn all major subjects of math including number problems, algebra, combinatorics, geometry, etc. I was allowed to switch from level 2 to level 1, which is the perfect level for me. The classes don't repeat what I learned from school, instead, they make me become smarter by thinking outside of the box, and by coming up with faster and simpler ways to solve problems, building on the concepts I learned from school. For example, I would easily give up solving for 2020!*2021! /(2019!*2021!) since it would take forever to calculate in the normal way I learned from school. But Awesome Math showed me to solve this problem within seconds with just one simple step. After a full year of learning with Awesome Math, I become a more logical thinker. The teachers carefully select representative problems from math competitions in previous years to go over during classes. I can watch the class recordings when I had to miss certain classes due to my volleyball tournaments, so I don't really miss any classes. I will definitely continue with Awesome Math next year with level 2."

Jessica W. (New York)

"I took Level 1 Physics class. It has helped me develop strong understanding of fundamental concepts. The best part is working on homework assignments. They were hard to start with. But as the classes progressed I started to enjoy solving these challenging assignments. I am also excited to learn that when I enter high school the knowledge base that I have developed will help me do well with AP Physics 1 and 2 exams. We were also able to download all lectures and notes that will help me more down the road. I also plan to attend Level 2 Physics class to deepen my knowledge. Thank you Awesome Math camp team!"

Srinivasa V. (Kansas)

"AwesomeMath is by far the best mathamatical academies that I have taken. The instructors are helpful. The explanations in class were crystal clear. The problems were challenging and fun, and the homework was rigorous, but engaging and fair. Because of AwesomeMath, I have more confidence when taking mathamatical competitions, and I have also improved and developed mathematical strategies which I didn't even know existed prior to enrollment in this academy."

Smeeth T. (Texas)

"Awesomemath has truly provided me with a great experience. From the awesome teachers, to the engaging lessons, to the challenging homework, Awesomemath improved me and taught me things beyond what my current school curriculum was teaching me. Thank you Awesomemath, for all you have done to me and the mathmatical community!"

Sweeya T. (Texas)

"I recently took the Novice Problem Solving Level 2 AwesomeMath Academy Class, and I loved it! After taking this class, I was more confident to tackle hard problems. This class covered many topics such as Arithmetic Functions and Viete’s Relations. I liked the fact that there was a recording. I sometimes missed a class, and I could watch the recording to watch what happened in the class. Also, I would sometimes get stuck on the problem, and when I rewatched the recording, I would get a better idea of how to solve the problem. I would definitely take another AwesomeMath Academy Class!"

Brendon W.. (Washington)