Early complete applications must be received by Feb. 7, 2014 to get 10% discount (payment must be received in the AwesomeMath office by 02/21/14) on the $4,275 camp tuition for Cornell University and UC Berkeley. For UT Dallas (15 teaching days including Mondays), the camp fees are $3,875 for residential students and $2,575 for day students (no early discount is offered for day students). Applications received during the regular application period (which begins Feb. 8, 2014) will be given equal consideration within the regular application pool. Applications received after April 11, 2014 will be considered in the order they are received.

Returning students only need to do the registration on-line (no essays required). They do not have to take the test or submit recommendation letters.

Tuition payments can be made by checks, money orders, bank transfers or major credit cards.

StepsEarly RegistrationRegular RegistrationLate Registration
$175 surcharge
Application Deadline (with app. fee) Feb. 7 Apr. 11 May 16
Required Admission Test

Test A
(Jan 17-Feb 7)

Test B
(Mar 21-Apr 11)
Test C
(May 2-May 16)
Applicant Informed of Admission Decision Feb. 11 Apr. 15 May 20
Payment Receipt Deadline (Tuition) Feb. 21 Apr. 25 May 30

International students should apply as soon as possible to give themselves enough time to secure a visa. Upon acceptance to the program, AwesomeMath will work with the student to obtain the visa.

An application will consist of the following:

  • On-line registration
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • An admission test
  • A parent’s statement (optional)
  • Application fee of $25 – waived if the entire application (including the letters of recommendation) is submitted electronically
Document TypeDownload
Math teacher/mentor reference instructions doc
Personal reference instructions doc
Parents’ statement instructions see below

References are instructed to mail or e-mail their letters directly to AwesomeMath.

Returning students need not resubmit letters of recommendation or the application fee.

To submit an application, either mail or e-mail the personal information form and optional parents’ statement, and mail the application fee (as a check or money order made out to AwesomeMath). E-mail:

Mail: AwesomeMath c/o
Dr. Titu Andreescu
3425 Neiman Rd.
Plano, TX 75025 USA

Admission Test

Along with personal information and letters of recommendation, each applicant must take one of the three admission tests. The admission test is the student’s opportunity to demonstrate the willingness to explore advanced mathematics topics and the ability to tackle challenging, non-routine problems. It is not only the raw test score that matters but the love of mathematics that becomes transparent in the student’s application.
The 2006 admission tests are provided here as a reference:

Document TypeDownload
Sample Test test solutions
Test A test  
Test B test  
Test C test  

The solutions must be submitted online, or shipped by mail/FedEx/UPS/DHL.

Parent’s Statement (optional)

Please write to us addressing the following questions.

  1. Please describe your child’s academic interests, strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Please describe you child’s personal strengths and weaknesses.
  3. How do you think your child will adapt to the challenges of living away from home in a dormitory?
  4. How do you think you child will respond to this intense academic program?
  5. Is there anything you would like us to know about your child?

Any questions about the application process should be directed to Dr. Titu Andreescu at