Dates and locations for the 2020 Summer Program will be announced mid to late November!

Admission Test

Along with personal information and letters of recommendation, each applicant must take one of the three admission tests. The admission test is the student’s opportunity to demonstrate the willingness to explore advanced mathematics topics and the ability to tackle challenging, non-routine problems. It is not only the raw test score that matters but the love of mathematics that becomes transparent in the student’s application.

The admission test is a pdf file that you will download to your computer. Students will log in to their Student Dashboard to access and download the test(s).  The tests will be available for download during the dates shown below.  Instructions for how and where to submit your test solutions will also be accessed via the Student’s Dashboard.

Required Admission TestTest A
(Jan 4 - Jan 20, 2019)
Test B
(Mar 8 - Mar 31, 2019)
Test C
(Apr 12 - May 5, 2019)

As a reference, you can download a sample admission test and solutions.