Recommendation Letters

COVID-19 Update:

We understand that with schools closures it may be difficult to obtain recommendation letters from your teachers. Therefore, we will waive the the two-recommendation letter requirement effective immediately.

In lieu of recommendation letters, all applicants will be required to submit a parent’s statement.

Attention Students! Your references must submit their recommendation letters AFTER 1) you have obtained your 9-digit UIN and 2) completed your online application. Failure to follow these instructions could delay the processing of their submissions.
Math teacher/mentor reference instructionsDocument
Personal reference instructionsDocument

All submitted recommendations must include the following:

  • Student’s First and Last Name
  • Student’s 9-digit UIN

References are instructed to email (preferred) or mail their letters directly to AwesomeMath.
Mail *AwesomeMath
c/o Dr. Titu Andreescu
P.O. Box 261490
Plano, TX 75026 USA

* Mailing recommendation letters could delay the receipt and timely processing of this application requirement, therefore email is strongly preferred.