Student Registration

Accepted Students, who have paid their tuition in full, will access the online registration forms via their Student Dashboard. The Student and their Parents will need to complete the following steps by the deadlines provided.

STEP 1: You and your parent(s) will complete the online registration forms. This is also where you will:
  • Pick your math classes
  • Choose your two math books
  • Request a roommate (optional)
  • List any dietary restrictions
  • Provide emergency contact information
  • Notify us of any health/wellness concerns
STEP 2: Complete a travel information survey
We need to know how you will get to and from camp and whether or not you need shuttle service to and from the airport. Please make sure to complete the travel survey even if you plan to arrive by car. We need to account for every student coming to camp.
VERY IMPORTANT: Please review our travel guidelines before making arrival and departure day travel arrangements.
STEP 3: Download the Packing List, Student Handbook and Answers to FAQs
Please be sure to read through each of these documents completely before coming to camp.
After you have completed the student registration process, you are all set! We will email you the details about arrival day logistics and an itinerary for your first day several days before the start of camp.