Online Program Frequently Asked Questions
Who can enroll?
AwesomeMath Summer Program Online is limited to students who were accepted to the summer program (they have gone through the early, regular, or late applications process). The steps to apply are the same as if attending the in-person camps.
I have been accepted into the in-person summer program; how do I enroll into the summer program online?
You will enroll via the student dashboard (self-service portal), the same place where you applied for our summer program. Enrollment opens April 15th.
When can I enroll?
April 15-May 7th. Students accepted into our summer program should enroll no later than May 7th. Upon enrollment, your dashboard will show an invoice that, once paid, will enable you to access the summer program online.
How do I pay?
We will notify you when the invoice is generated. You will then login to the Student Dashboard to access your invoice. Payment instructions will be detailed on the invoice. Payment methods include credit card or PayPal. No checks.
When do I have to pay?
The tuition payment deadline for all camp sessions is May 15th.
Do I get a discount since I applied early?
There are no discounts for the students who applied early, however there are discounts for students taking two or more classes.
Do you offer multi-course discounts?

We offer multi-course discounts for students who take two or more classes.

  • $50 discount if student enrolls in two or three classes
  • $100 discount if student enrolls in four or five classes
  • $150 discount if student enrolls in six classes
What is the refund policy?
If the refund request is received more than 24 hours before the start of the camp session you enrolled in, the refund amount is the tuition paid less a 4% administrative fee. If a refund request is received less than 24 hours before the start of the camp session you enrolled in, then no refund will be given.
Do I still get to choose my classes?
Yes, you will be able to choose your classes. We provide helpful guidelines on our website for students to choose their classes: curriculum, how to choose a class, sample of problems for each class, etc.
How many classes do I have to enroll in?
Students can enroll in just one course (AM or PM) in their desired session or they can enroll in a maximum of six courses (2 per each of our 3 sessions). We offer students the flexibility to choose the course load and times that work best for their summer schedule.
What if I want to ADD or CHANGE my course selections after I submit my enrollment form?

You cannot make changes to your enrollment form online after it has been submitted.

  • Before Enrollment Closes on May 7th: Please contact us at to change your enrollment selections. Be sure to include your Student Name and UIN when contacting us.
  • After Enrollment Closes on May 7th: Please contact us and include your Student Name and UIN. We cannot guarantee late enrollment in any class after May 7th. It will depend on when you contact us.
  • After the May 15th Payment Deadline: As stated on our website, course enrollments after the payment deadline will incur a $100 surcharge per class. For students wishing to cancel enrollment after the May 15th payment deadline, please refer to our refund policy.
What if I chose Option 2, meaning that I have already submitted payment for the in-person summer camps and now I would like to sign up for online summer camps? How will the credit on my account be applied and what is the refund for any balance owed back to me?
Your invoice will reflect in-person camp payments. Any credit on your account will be taken into consideration when you are invoiced. We are carefully keeping track of all payments submitted and will contact you to let you know the refund amount that will be sent back to you. We will pay the refund amount by the method in which the tuition was paid. If you paid by check, we will send you a check, if you paid by credit card, we will credit the refund amount on the credit card you used, if you paid by wire, we will send you the refund by wire. Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive any refund owed.
What if I get into a class and it is too easy or too hard?
Students can switch their classes within two days of the start of their session. Please contact and be sure to include your Student Name and UIN.
What if I change my mind and don’t want to continue with the course?
We will provide students and their families with a lot of information before they enroll so they can make an informed decision. There are no refunds or credits once the classes start.
How will I access the course, platform, communicate with my Instructor, submit homework, etc.?
Your Instructor will email you this information two weeks before the start of class. The Student Dashboard will also include next steps and how to contact the Instructors/TAs for questions and clarifications.
What if I am unable to attend all classes of a session? What is your makeup policy?
You cannot attend a different session but in the event of a missed class, class recording will be available to watch.
What are software and hardware requirements to participate? What materials do I need to be in the course?
If you have access to a computer and internet you are all set to go.
What if I have questions or need help during the class? After class?
You will be able to ask the Instructor questions while attending the class. After class, you should contact the Instructor/TA via email.
Who do I contact if I’m struggling with the program?
You should contact your Instructors/TAs.
What if I want to take two classes that are only offered in the am or pm?
You can attend one class during one camp session and the other class in a different camp session.
What if I have a question not answered above?
Contact Please provide Student Name and UIN when contacting us.