Summer Program Online Overview

We are excited to be able to offer a virtual AwesomeMath Summer Program experience! Students interested in participating in the ONLINE summer program must first be admitted through our application process. Please follow the steps as outlined on how to apply.

Students accepted into our program choose their desired session date(s), times and course load. There is no minimum or maximum requirement in the number of courses a student can take.

  • There are 15 teaching days per session. All classes are live and instructor-led
  • Each class meets Monday-Friday for 2.5 hours and again on the first two Saturdays for assessment testing
  • All classes are recorded so students can revisit the material covered in class

We would like to stress that the quality of instruction in the online classes matches that of our in-person camps. We have designed the structure of the online program so that distance is not a barrier to a student’s learning. Students will be able to have the same meaningful experience through our online platform by being able to see teachers in real time as if they were in the classroom. Students will be able to ask questions verbally and through a text chat. Our veteran faculty members, who have participated in our previous summer camps, are excited to be part of this learning avenue and deliver a rigorous mathematics curriculum.

To enhance the student experience, here are some of the latest improvements to our online program:

  • All level 1 & 2 classes will be offered during our mid-day and evening sessions
  • Online social activities will be incorporated so that students can get to know each other better outside class time
  • Students can receive additional help from instructors and TAs during our office hours to be held twice a week
  • Post-lecture problem sessions will be designed to encourage active student engagement and collaboration.

Learn more about our online session dates and times.