Summer Program Common Questions
Why should I come to AMSP?
Because it’s awesome! This is an initiative in response to numerous requests coming from the parents and the teachers of bright students who have not yet shined at the Olympiad level. These students are nevertheless very talented, wishing to improve their problem solving skills and further their mathematics education in general. This program offers mathematically gifted students the opportunity to engage in meaningful problem solving activities and explore in detail areas in advanced mathematics. The high quality instruction is provided by renowned lecturers and Olympiad coaches.
How is the AwesomeMath Summer Program different from others, such as Canada/USA MathPath, Canada/USA MathCamp, or MOSP?
AwesomeMath’s primary focus is on problem-solving. We use it as a tool to enhance students’ interest and skills in mathematics. We believe that there are two major parts in advanced mathematics teaching and learning: higher concepts (introducing and developing new concepts) and applying them creatively to concrete problems. These two areas rely on each other, but we focus primarily on the latter. We feel that certain advanced mathematics topics are best introduced to young students by motivating the concepts through problems that encourage investigation.
AMSP is not an “intense Olympiad training.” Instead, we have strong problem-solving courses that fit the age and common interests of youngsters. We make what we feel is an important distinction: we do lots of math for the sake of math. Through this pursuit, we are confident that our students’ performance on AMC and Olympiad-style contests will improve significantly.
In contrast to MOSP, we will hardly do a lecture on any particular topic, say Jensen’s inequality. Instead, we will explain these ideas when we work on Algebra/Combinatorics/Geometry/Number Theory areas, where they are needed. We leave those highly technical sessions to AwesomeMath [amyvar code=”amy_name_abbv”] and to MOSP for the IMO bound students. But we do lead students to expand their knowledge on their own, so they develop the all-important desire to explore higher-level mathematics.
Following our own advice, we offer an example:
Find the size of the smallest square that will enclose five non-overlapping unit squares. This is approachable by an able 7th grade math student. Let’s look the solving process in the following steps:

  1. By playing around, one can guess the best situation that leads to the desired minimum;
  2. With a bit more skills, one can find the answer;
  3. Prove your method is indeed the best;
  4. Extend this question.

We would say that step (2) will be helpful for MATHCOUNTS/AMC8, 10, 12/AIME. Working out (3) will be helpful for USAMO/IMO. On the other hand, (1) and (4) develop students’ appreciation for the problem-solving strategies that transcend mathematics and apply to any fields they might choose to pursue.

What is the age range of the participating students?
The participating students are between ages of 12 and 18. In rare cases, we may accept students who are under 12, but only if they show evidence of remarkable mathematical and personal maturity.
What is the ratio of boys to girls?
We encourage female students to apply to our program. The current ratio of girls is 25%
Do you provide unaccompanied minor (UAM) service?
AwesomeMath does NOT provide assistance with children classified as unaccompanied minors. NO EXCEPTIONS! If a child is too young to travel alone and the airline requires you to purchase unaccompanied minor service (UAM), then
  • a parent or other qualified chaperon, MUST accompany the child to/from camp
  • the parent will be responsible for finding someone (other than AwesomeMath Staff) to meet their child at their arrival gate and escort them to our staff in baggage claim. This also means the child’s parent must find a qualified chaperon (other than AwesomeMath Staff) to wait with their child at their departure gate until an airline agent can assume care of their child

Please review in detail our travel guidelines BEFORE making arrival and departure day travel arrangements.

Can I switch between locations once I am accepted into the Summer Program?
Yes. Please contact for all location change requests. The last day to switch this year is May 15, 2020. We need an accurate number of how many students will be attending each location before accepting late registration applicants.
What is the Acceptance Rate for the AwesomeMath Summer Program?
With a focus on competition mathematics our program, by its very nature, is self selecting and those who apply with the requisite background are highly qualified candidates. Students who have been involved in math competitions such as MATHCOUNTS, AMC, AIME, and USA(J)MO, know that our program offers premier training for talented mathematicians who wish to improve their scores, make new friends, and engage in enriching activities. Students who are unable to answer the questions on the admissions test, will not be accepted until they have spent time learning the fundamental concepts necessary to succeed in this prestigious program.