Summer Math Program Common Questions

Program Overview

Because it’s awesome! Students attending our programs are talented, wishing to improve their problem-solving skills and further their mathematics education. We offer mathematically gifted students the opportunity to engage in meaningful problem-solving activities and explore in detail areas in advanced mathematics. The high-quality instruction is provided by renowned lecturers and Olympiad coaches.

AwesomeMath’s primary focus is on problem-solving. We use it as a tool to enhance students’ interest and skills in mathematics. We believe that there are two major parts in advanced mathematics teaching and learning: higher concepts (introducing and developing new concepts) and applying them creatively to concrete problems. These two areas rely on each other, but we focus primarily on the latter. We feel that certain advanced mathematics topics are best introduced to young students by motivating the concepts through problems that encourage investigation.

We have strong problem-solving courses that fit the age and common interests of youngsters. Through this pursuit, we are confident that our students’ performance on AMC and Olympiad-style contests will improve significantly. We lead students to expand their knowledge on their own, so they develop the all-important desire to explore higher-level mathematics.

Following our own advice, we offer an example:

Find the size of the smallest square that will enclose five non-overlapping unit squares. This is approachable by an able 7th grade math student. Let’s look at the solving process in the following steps:

  1. By playing around, one can guess the best situation that leads to the desired minimum;
  2. With a bit more skills, one can find the answer;
  3. Prove your method is indeed the best;
  4. Extend this question.

We would say that step (2) will be helpful for MATHCOUNTS/AMC8, 10, 12/AIME. Working out (3) will be helpful for USAMO/IMO. On the other hand, (1) and (4) develop students’ appreciation for the problem-solving strategies that transcend mathematics and apply to any fields they might choose to pursue.

The AwesomeMath Summer Program is now online only, as it allows us to reach more students globally, This provides our students the opportunity to collaborate with a greater diversity of peers who come from different backgrounds, cultures and educational experiences.

The online format provides comparable quality of instruction to in-person classes, but at a lower tuition rate, giving more students a chance to participate without having to pay the extra costs for housing and travel.  Offering the program virtually has been a huge success as it also gives students more flexibility with their summer schedules. It allows us to bring in the greatest instructors from around the globe.

We understand the social connections made at our past in-person camps were very valuable to our students, so our virtual program incorporates engaging social activities and small group opportunities to help students connect more personally, both inside and outside the classroom. The high percentage of returning students in the past couple years, as well as the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from families, are a great testament to our online summer program format.

AwesomeMath Summer Program is limited to students who were accepted to the summer program (they have gone through the early, regular, or late applications process).
The participating students are between ages of 12 and 18. In rare cases, we may accept students who are under 12, but only if they show evidence of remarkable mathematical and personal maturity.
We encourage female students to apply to our program. The current ratio of girls is 30%.

Application Questions

With a focus on competition mathematics our program, by its very nature, is self-selecting and those who apply with the requisite background are highly qualified candidates. Students who have been involved in math competitions such as MATHCOUNTS, AMC, AIME, and USA(J)MO, know that our program offers premier training for talented mathematicians who wish to improve their scores, make new friends, and engage in enriching activities. Students who are unable to answer the questions on the admissions test, will not be accepted until they have spent time learning the fundamental concepts necessary to succeed in this prestigious program.
Students who are able to complete or make significant progress on at least 4-5 of the 10 problems for Part I or at least 5-6 problems for Part II should submit write-ups of their work on any problem. We use the admission test score to 1) gauge a student’s overall math skills and 2) determine qualification for a course level.

Important Reminders about our Admission Test

  • Students who wish to take Level 1 & Level 2 classes must submit solutions to Part I only. Students who wish to take Level 3 & Level 4 classes must submit solutions to Part II only.
  • Be sure to include all meaningful steps in your reasoning and computation. We are interested in your ability to present your work, so unsupported answers will receive less credit than well-reasoned progress towards a solution without a correct answer.

No problem. We understand that your schedules are busy and we do not want you to rush our application process. We offer multiple application periods for a couple reasons: 1) to offer you more flexibility in when you complete your application and 2) If you are declined admission during one application period, you are eligible and encouraged to try again by submitting the next admission test, once available.

One of the differences between the different application periods is the tuition rate. The earlier you apply, the more you save on tuition. Another reason to apply early is to ensure your desired course selections. Some class times may fill up, so admitted students who enroll late might not have the same course selection options.

Although a student’s test performance plays an important role in our admission decision, this is not the deciding factor. A student’s application is reviewed holistically. We also look at the student’s essay responses and their recommendation letter. All components of a student’s application are reviewed carefully, but especially when a student is on the edge of being accepted or rejected. Therefore, students should ensure their application adequately paints the picture that they are serious about exploring higher level mathematics.
We do not provide solutions to the current year’s admission tests. This is because there is more than one way to solve a problem and we recognize a student’s solutions can vary greatly depending on age and level of experience. Additionally a test score not only helps us assess a student’s readiness, but it also helps us ensure they are placed in courses that are appropriate for their level and skills once admitted. Students who wish to discuss solutions to our test on various forums (i.e. AoPS) should not do so until after the respective period’s application deadline has passed.
Did you provide the submission requirements to your math teacher/mentor?  These instructions are accessed on your student dashboard.  Once your math teacher/mentor submits the letter of recommendation, your student dashboard  is immediately updated to reflect receipt.  If your dashboard is still showing a red X, this means your teacher has not yet submitted your recommendation letter and you should contact them directly about this.  For technical issues with submission, have your teacher/mentor contact
Did you follow the instructions for file size and format as outlined in the test packet and on the student dashboard? If you are having technical issues please contact Be sure to include your Name and UIN and provide a detailed explanation of your issue. DO NOT send us your test via email unless instructed to do so by our Admission Committee.
We will accept and grade your test, however, your application will not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee until it is complete, meaning until all required items (as outlined on steps to apply) are submitted and received by our office. If you do not submit all the required items by the early application deadline, then your application will be moved to the regular period and be considered as if it was received during regular registration (no early discount will be applied). If the same situation occurs during regular application, the entire application will be considered for late submission and late tuition charges will apply.

Your application will not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee until it is complete, meaning until all required items (as outlined on steps to apply) are submitted and received by our office.

In this example, we will consider your application for admission only after you submit the admission test. Admissions tests should not be submitted after the stated deadline. In other words, Test A should not be submitted past the early application deadline. You should submit Test B instead. Test B should not be submitted after the regular round 1 application deadline. You should submit Test C instead. Test C should not be submitted after the regular round 2 application deadline. You should submit Test D instead. Test D should not be submitted after the late round 1 application deadline. You should submit Test E instead. We will not accept Test E after the late round 2 (final) application deadline.

Yes. If you are declined admission during one application period, you are eligible and encouraged to try again by submitting the next admission test, once available.

For example, if you submit Test A during the early application period and are denied admission, you may try again with Test B. You do not need to resubmit any application requirements except for the next test. If you submit the final test available (Test E) and are denied admission, you will be encouraged to apply again the following summer after you have had time to develop the pre-requisite skills for participating.

Enrollment Questions

Yes. Students accepted into our program determine when they want to participate and how many courses they want to enroll in for each session. Students who took Part I of the admission test can choose only Level 1 & 2 classes (no level 3 or 4 courses). Students who took Part II of the admission test have access to all levels and courses. Refer to our course catalog and sample problems from each course. We provide additional course selection tips on the participant’s Student Dashboard.

Students accepted into our summer program should enroll in their desired classes as follows:

Early enrollment period: January 24 – February 01, 2024
Regular Round 1: February 28 – April 11, 2024
Regular Round 2: April 03 – April 11, 2024
Late Round 1: May 01 – May 09, 2024
Late Round 2: June 01 – June 06, 2024

There is no limit to the number of courses you can take (you can enroll in one or as many as your schedule allows). We offer students the flexibility to choose the course load and times that work best for them. We advise students not to enroll in more than two classes per session.

Follow the instructions for change requests as outlined on your Student Dashboard. Requests for a course or session change should be made no later than three weeks before the session starts. We cannot guarantee course or session changes, but we will do our best to accommodate your request. For technical issues please contact Be sure to include your Student Name and UIN when contacting us.

Tuition Rates / Refund Policy

Yes, students who apply early are eligible for a discounted tuition rate. To be eligible, students must complete all required steps to our application process by the early application deadline and be admitted into our program. Please refer to the tuition rates page for our pricing structure. Please note that no additional discounts can be applied for students receiving the early admission tuition rate.
Multi-course discounts are available during regular and late registration periods only. Please refer to the tuition rates page for our pricing structure. Our multi-course enrollment discount applies to individual students as well as families who have more than one child enrolling in our program. In either case, the discount structure as shown on our tuition page is the same.

At this time, we do not offer financial aid. We have a discounted rate for students admitted during early registrations and multi-course discount for students admitted during regular and late application periods.

The Spirit of Ramanujan Program makes financial awards to help support talented STEM students. In recent years they have provided support for some of our students.  Visit their website to learn more about how to apply for a financial grant.

You will log into the Student Dashboard to access your invoice. Payment instructions will be detailed on the invoice. Payment methods include credit card or PayPal. No checks or wires.

The tuition payment deadlines are:

Early enrollment: February 2, 2024

Regular Round 1 & 2: April 12, 2024

Late Round 1: May 10, 2024

Late Round 2: June 7, 2024

If the refund request is received more than 21 days before the start of the camp/session you enrolled in, the refund amount is the tuition paid less a 5% administrative fee. If a refund request is received less than 21 days before the start of the camp/session you enrolled in, then no refund will be given.
We do not apply tuition credits toward future Summer Programs or Academy classes. It is your responsibility to make sure there are no conflicts with regularly attending our summer classes. Students and parents should familiarize themselves with our refund policy prior to making a tuition payment.

Participating in the Summer Math Program

The tuition price per course includes all teaching materials. No books are required for participation.
Students will have an opportunity to change courses within the first two days of their camp session.. Instructions on how to switch courses will be clearly communicated to students before the session starts.
We will provide students and their families with a lot of information before they enroll so they can make an informed decision. There are no refunds or credits once classes start.
We will email you this information a few days before the start of class. The Student Dashboard will also include next steps and how to contact the Instructors/TAs for questions and clarifications.
You cannot attend a different session but in the event of a missed class, class recordings are available and instructors and TAs will be happy to assist you for further questions. Refer to our policies page for additional information.
If you have access to a computer and internet you are all set to go. No materials or books are required before the class starts or during the class.
You will be able to ask the Instructor questions while attending the class. After class, you should contact the Instructor/TA via email.
We will communicate the process for receiving your AwesomeMath T-shirt and book(s) on August 1st. T-shirt and book orders will be mailed out starting in August. Students will have until September 30th to submit their request form for their FREE book(s) and t-shirt. As a reminder, for every course you enroll in, AwesomeMath will send you a FREE book of your choice from our bookstore. The book(s) you choose are intended for self-study and further development of your problem solving skills.
We do not allow students to switch times or sessions after the first two days of class. It is your responsibility to make sure there are no conflicts with regularly attending our summer classes.
Make sure you review instructions on your dashboard, read any emails we send, and understand our teaching philosophy.
No. To receive the course completion certificate, all homework and assessment tests should be submitted by the deadlines assigned by instructors and certainly before the last day of the sessions students are enrolled in.

What if I have a question not answered above?

Contact and please provide your Student Name and UIN when contacting us.

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