AwesomeMath COVID-19 Update

Last updated 12-15-2021

Planning for AwesomeMath Summer camps starts in the Fall. Since we are still in the middle of a widespread pandemic and given the uncertainty and unpredictability surrounding travel restrictions, rules and regulations, as well as potential future changes put in place by the health officials, host universities, and the government, we will offer our 2022 summer programs online. As always, the safety of students and staff is our top priority. Although we miss having camps in person, we know this is the safest option for everyone.

We are so thrilled with the tremendous success of our 2020 and 2021 virtual summer programs (you can read student testimonials here)! However, we are always striving to make each camp season better than the last. Based on student and staff feedback, we will offer even more opportunities for students to connect with their peers. Another major focus will be on new and creative ways to increase engagement between our staff and students not only during class time, but also during problem solving sessions and other organized class activities.

Titu and Alina Andreescu