Summer Program Overview

The AwesomeMath Summer Program is an intensive three-week online program for gifted students from around the globe. It is designed for bright middle and high school students who wish to sharpen their problem-solving skills and further their mathematics education. Many of our participants seek to improve their performance on contests such as AMC10/12, AIME, or USA(J)MO.

We have many students return each summer to not only further their education, but also to re-connect with the friends they made. Read our student testimonials.

Now accepting applications for the 2024 Summer Program.
See answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Summer Program.
See answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Summer Program.
Summer Program Format

Students accepted into our summer program determine when they want to participate and how many courses they want to enroll in for each session. Students can enroll in one or more sessions and there is no minimum or maximum number of courses you must take within a session.

Here is the program format PER COURSE:

  • Meet virtually Mon-Fri for three consecutive weeks (90-minute lecture followed by a 60-minute problem-solving session)
  • All classes are live and instructor-led; all lectures are recorded
  • Homework is assigned and submitted daily for feedback and grading
  • Students will submit for grading an assessment test the first two Saturdays of each session
  • Office hours held twice a week
  • Social activities organized outside of class time to encourage student connections
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Featured on MIT’s “Preparing for MIT” page

AMSP was probably the best math program that I have ever signed up for. The teachers were thorough and explained new concepts in an understandable way during the lecture, and they also made sure to give us all materials on Google Classroom if we wanted to look through them again. They were always eager and enthusiastic about helping us grow.

With the intensive curriculum, and amazing teachers, I learned so many new ways to tackle extremely hard problems in various topics. The classes were an amazing experience and getting to work out problems on my own became so much more enjoyable thanks to AwesomeMath!

AMSP was something always mentioned as great, but I had no idea of the level it was really at. After taking the camp I can definitely attest to the other stellar reviews and then some! I actually improved on problem solving and had a lot of fun doing so.

AwesomeMath is one of the best places for exploring competition mathematics! The classes were both fun and challenging in a way that led me to further expand my knowledge and skills. Collaborating with other students was also a great way to build math knowledge and community, which was an experience like no other.

My experience at AMSP online was wonderful! I learned a lot. It challenged me while still providing a fun experience. The students, staff, instructor, and TA were all super nice and always willing to help. Thank you for the experience!

AwesomeMath was a wonderful experience and I was able to take an evening course in combinatorics which was great because it did not interfere with tennis practice.

Awesome Math was really a really fun camp and I learned a lot from it. I like the way the classes are set up so there’s a balance between learning the materials and actually trying it for yourself. Additionally, the TAs were super helpful and provided adequate feedback on the problem sets and tests, and they graded our homework quickly which was nice. It’s a nice community of math enthusiasts and there were always people willing to help or answer questions or just clarify some things from the lectures.

It’s been such a wonderful experience! All the social activities coordinators, instructors, and TAs are so nice and helpful. Thanks for organizing this! It’s been so awesome, as the very name of this program suggests.

AMSP has been an excellent learning experience and has greatly benefited my skills in math. With the wide variety of qualified teachers you will be sure to learn and strengthen many important concepts all in a fun maner.

AwesomeMath truly allowed me to experience mathematics outside of a conventional classroom setting. With peers that are just as driven as I am, as well as with instructors and TAs that go above and beyond to deepen our understanding, AMSP was certainly a transformative experience.

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