Summer Program Testimonials

At AwesomeMath, we strive to enrich our students problem solving abilities so that they can improve their competition math performance in a diverse environment with challenging courses and fun activities so as to create life-long memories and friendships. But don’t take our word for it, read what our awesome students have to say about the program.

2020 Summer Program

"I obtained a wealth of valuable math skills that I'll be able to put to use in math competitions. AMSP really helped me solidify my past knowledge while providing me with more new techniques and insights. The fact that the program was online was also good because it allowed for more flexibility and was easier to integrate into my schedule. Unlike the normal AMSP program, I was still able to complete my day-to-day commitments, while participating in the camp. I think the online camp was a very valuable experience for me, and at the same time, I had fun too!!" "

Hannah Tao (Online Session 2, 3)

"My experience at AMSP-online was amazing. I learned many topics and gained immense clarity on them. Not only did this help me for competition math, but it also gave me a deeper understanding of the beautiful subject. Also, the design of the online course was a very productive one. This is a great experience for all math-lovers!" "

Sarthak Mitra (Online Session 1, 2)

"AwesomeMath truly offered me a remarkable experience, even with the difficulties by being online. The classes were fun, the instructors were easy to get along with, and they teach you with materials of just the right difficulty, providing not only theory, but many examples and practice problems. It is nice to be able to communicate with math lovers around the world for three weeks. Overall, this has been definitely one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had in my life. Spend your summer with AMSP!" "

Giovanni Carrilho Malta - Brazil (Online Session 1)

"AwesomeMath doesn't just teach you math, but they invoke the curiosity inside you, until a stage where you start to push yourself higher. My love for math explodes during the course, and it's just so fulfilling!" "

Mary Guan - Hong Kong (Online Session 2, 3)

"I would enroll in the Online Summer Program because the Instructors are really doing a great job of teaching via a virtual medium. I enjoyed having collaboration with other students." "

Vedant Sundar (Online Session 2)

"AwesomeMath this year was a great and unforgettable experience, fit with the best staff possible, as well as combining having fun and doing math! Thank you!" "

Jacopo Rizzo (Online Session 2, 3)

"The class I took was very beneficial to my learning. The way the material is taught was clear, and it taught a lot over the span of three weeks." "

Shuoyan (Andy) Chen (Online Session 3)

"It enlarged my overview in Math learning and aroused my interest in further math research." "

Yuzhou Wang (Online Session 3)

"The afternoon classes were great. The course was rigorous and fun. The instructor did an incredible job explaining the concepts. Thank you! The TA was incredible. He was extremely helpful, and answered all of the questions that I had. He made the classes enjoyable, and made sure that they ran smoothly. Best TA ever!" "

Marie Zhussupova (Online Session 3)

"This showed me really challenging math I have never seen before. I look forward to going next year!" "

Rishabh Rengarajan (Online Session 1)

"Learned very strong skills during my experience. The format was engaging and although some of the material was "slightly" challenging, I still managed to feel more confident as a learner in general." "

Alexander Kim (Online Session 2)

"Unfortunately I'm in grade 12 so I won't be able to enroll in the program again. However, if I were in a lower grade I would for sure enroll again. I found the content very interesting, and both teachers explained very clearly. I actually found that having the virtual whiteboard on zoom was easier to follow than when a teacher writes on a blackboard in class. I also found the problem sets really fun. The problems were challenging and diverse and working through them taught me many tricks that I can apply in other problems. Specifically in geometry, a lot of the problems were quite standard configurations which I can re-apply in other problems." "

Solal Afota (Online Session 1)

"Learned a ton! Thank you so much for the superb job! Please consider to offer online summer camp again next year!" "

2019 Summer Program

"The camp is a perfect mixture of maths, friends and fun. The teachers here are just amazing, as in they are always ready to help you. They teach you how to fish, i.e. how to get to the solutions yourself rather than just loading you up with tricks. They teach you how to think out of the box. The classes are paced perfectly, just so that you feel comfortable with the material. The home work is really challenging, and it's really fun to solve problems with friends. The teachers can be easily contacted or be found around the lobby and they are always ready to help you, so that you don't get stuck on a problem. You get to meet a lot of people here and you learn a lot from them, and get to make many friends. Another amazing thing about here is the campus; you can just walk here freely and feel the beauty of the nature, and this is the best way to do maths in my opinion. There are many recreational activities, from just dance" to baking, from soccer to karaoke. There was a team contest, that was loads of fun! In conclusion, I would recommend this to anyone who loves maths and want to enjoy it to it's max!!" "

Aditya Khurmi (UT Dallas 2019)

"AMSP was a spectacular experience, the densest period of learning I've ever experienced."

Alex Zhao (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"AMSP was an rigorous yet simultaneously enjoyable experience, and I would gladly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their problem-solving skills and be introduced to a plethora of new mathematical concepts and techniques, regardless of their current abilities. In particular, I enjoyed the opportunity to improve my skills in geometry and number theory while accumulating great memories of various camp activities. "

Alexander Migrditchian (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"This camp was a great way for me to bond with people who share the same passion and interests as me. I feel great to have worked together from highly skilled mathematicians as instructors and TAs. I love how along with the learning, we also had so much fun with Rec and Sunday activities. "

Amy Chang (UT Dallas 2019)

"AwesomeMath was an amazing experience. It was very fast-paced, but it was fun and even with 6 hours of classes a day, there was still plenty of free time. Thank you to the teachers for their help in office hours. "

Andrei Espelien (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"When I first arrived at Awesome Math, the courses were quite challenging and I was worried about not being able to keep up but turns out I learnt so much from this camp!! The teacher and TA guided me and offered me support and I was able to grow in the class and improve. Out of this camp, I also found a deeper love for mathematics and a new motivation for competition math!! "

Anonymous (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"When I came to AwesomeMath I did not know what to expect in terms of difficulty, but now I realize that now matter how difficult the courses where, I always had staff ready to help me. I also made many new friends throughout my journey and I thought I would never have made the connections I made had I not gone to AwesomeMath "

Azeem Hakim (UT Dallas 2019)

"AwesomeMath gave me the best math camp experience I have ever had. The teachers are both kind and good at teaching, and I learned a lot of math here while making many new friends. Thank you AwesomeMath! "

Bohan Yao (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"Great time studying math for 2 weeks. Made many friends and learned a lot, not only in math but life lessons. "

Chris Bao (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"Awesome Math has been a life changing event for me. This was my first time going to a residential camp, and thanks to Awesome Math, I now want to go to another one. "

Clarence Guo (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"Awesome Maths is a place where our minds get truly challenged. From this camp I realized that there are so many people that are as good or even better than me in problem solving, and that spurred me to improve significantly in problem solving skills. "

David Mo (Cornell 2019)

"AwesomeMath Summer Program is a great camp for anyone looking to sharpen their mathematical competition skills. The experience is also very fun and social, and campers make lots of friends. "

Derek Liu (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"AwesomeMath summer program is one of the most enhancing experiences for me every year. I learn so much and always have a blast. The TAs and the Teachers are always excellent. "

Diego Patino (Cornell 2019)

"AwesomeMath has been one of my most memorable experiences two years in a row. I'm constantly learning new topics and lessons that I know are going to help me achieve my goals. I also get to have a fun time while doing so. Most importantly, I got to make new fiends who I meet at all sorts of math competitions. "

Divyesh Murugan (Cornell 2019)

"AwesomeMath has helped me grow my Math skills: it has helped me develop the skills that I have already, and it encouraged me to explore new areas of Math. It has also made me grow into a family of fun and supportive friends and staff. Overall, I think that AwesomeMath has definitely showed me that learning Math and having lots of fun can happen at the same time, despite what most people say, and it has made me feel part of a home, thousands of miles away from my home country. "

Enrico Martinez (Cornell 2019)

"AwesomeMath was extremely helpful for me, and greatly inspired me to further pursue my mathematical interests. However, we were not overloaded with work. Recreational activities and camp events were amazing diversions and times to have fun. "

Eshaan Giri (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"Being in a community full of advanced learners has motivated me to continue the rigor throughout the rest of my mathematics career."

Himal Bamzai Wokhlu (UT Dallas 2019)

"The whole two weeks are dedicated to intensive math and olympiad problems but at the end the rec activities gave me a break and helped me make friends. All the RAs,TAs and the teacher want you ti succeed and enjoy their job. i loved it! "

Isabella Baek (Cornell 2019)

"I really enjoyed the classes here, and the teachers actually knew what they were doing, which was really great. Making friends wasn't as hard as I thought it would be :) "

Isabelle Jiang (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"Awesome Math is an opportunity to bond with new people and create social skills, while also improving your skills mathematically. "

Isabelle Yuan (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"Met more math enthusiasts than I can ever imagine! Working with other math lovers is so much fun! "

James Zhu (UT Dallas 2019)

"AwesomeMath opened up many new doors for me in mathematics (higher mathematics for me personally) and problem solving. Through the incredibly well-qualified instructors and TAs, my fellow highly-dedicated peers, and the enriching environment of cooperation and learning, I think this program helped me out more than any amount of personal studying possibly could. Also, friends and connections were made that will hopefully last me a lifetime, so in conclusion, go to this camp! "

Jonathan Ran (Cornell 2019)

"In two weeks time, I have learned so much from AwesomeMath and its amazing staff. "

Karen Wu (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"AMSP truly offered me a remarkable experience that I have never had elsewhere. The classes were fun, the instructors were easy to get along with, and they teach you with materials of just the right difficulty. Also, the social aspect of the camp was enjoyable as well. It is nice to be able to communicate with math lovers around the globe for three weeks, while at my regular school there were no one I could discuss with and some people even laughed at my for my passion at mathematics. Overall, this has been definitely one of the best and most memorable experiences I have ever had in my life, "

Kelin Zhu (Cornell 2019)

"I developed a lot of problem solving experiences and truly had an excellent time at Awesome Math. It was truly a wonderful experience working with the top math students accross the globe to practice problem solving. "

Kevin Lu (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"This camp was such a fun camp! All of the activities were very well planned. Everyone here, students and staff, were really respectful to us! Everyone should try the camp, no matter if they love math or fear math. "

Kevin Zhao (Cornell 2019)

"You'd think that since this is an academic camp there wouldn't be much time to socialize, but no, I think there's a good balance between math and recreational/time to hang out. "

Leo Xu (Cornell 2019)

"I really enjoyed myself at AMSP. It provided me opportunities to not only learn math but make new friends. I had a lot of fun with the rec activities as well. It was such meaningful and unforgettable experience! "

Leo Yao (UT Dallas 2019)

"The Awesome Math Summer Program is a life-changing mathematical experience; continuously challenging talented individuals at respective levels and keeping the experience as fun, social, and enjoyable as possible. "

Marco Widodo (UT Dallas 2019)

"Very memorable and interesting camp. The best way to spend the 20 days. "

Mark Li (UT Dallas 2019)

"AwesomeMath Puget Sound was such an amazing experience! I made a lot of friends and I learned more than I thought was possible in 2-3 weeks. I would recommend this camp to anyone who enjoys math, or even finds satisfaction from solving math problems or is good at math."

Micaela Roth (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"AwesomeMath was a greatly memorable experience, and I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone interested in math. "

Neha Basu (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"Awesome Math provided am amazing experience for me and allowed me to connect with other people at my level. It gave me the opportunity to discuss solutions and work out problems with others. This is the first time I was able to find someone who could do math as well as I could and could help me if I was confused or didn't know what to do next. "

Rachel Nudelman (UT Dallas 2019)

"Through the two weeks at the camp, I learnt a lot of valuable Math as well as many new friends. I am sure that this experience would help me through my school and my competitions."

Richard (Ziyao) Cui (UT Dallas 2019)

"The AwesomeMath Summer Program has been one of the best mathematical experiences in my life. Taking courses with experienced staff and discussing topics helpful in math competitions and higher math has been an enriching and challenging process. Also, getting to know many people from all around the world who also enjoy mathematics helped me see problems in many different ways to arrive to the solutions. In AwesomeMath I could find two of the things I enjoy the most–solving math problems and interacting with people who share my interests–both in a fun and academically challenging summer camp. "

Samuel Aguilar (UT Dallas 2019)

"It's so inspiring to meet so many people of different caliber from across the globe. My professors were very enlightening and had powerful mathematical insights, which in turn helped me expand my problem-solving abilities. My NT professor has the reputation to turn such mind-boggling problems into a simple and awe-striking proof. And when I joined AMSP, I was very weak in Combo but, to my surprise, it has turned out to be a very enjoyable part of competitive math! It's amazing what this 15-day program can offer to enhance one's mathematical ability. "

Srijan Sundar (UT Dallas 2019)

"When I came here , I didn't know what it will be like, then coming here for me it was a life changing experience with courses on different levels, students who do their best to help us and a beautiful campus. Now, when I am writing this I have 2 days till I leave and it is a sad feeling inside my heart as I won't see this place for an entire year. But coming here is a great experience and I recommend it. Also I recommend teachers Oleg Muscharov(sorry if the name is not right) and teacher Marius Tiba. As a personal experience here are many great students that want you to have the best experience here but my RA (my councilor that took care of me) was Kishan Patel and he did a great job. I want to come here next year too to see how the hard courses are and to have this great experience again. "

Stan Ionut (Cornell 2019)

"As a student from Turkey, I had no idea nor expectations while coming here. It was an amazing experience with lots of maths and equations. I hope I'll be here next year, too. "

Yagmur Bingül (Cornell 2019)

"Go to Awesome Math Summer Program because it's super awesome and super helpful and you will meet a lot of nice people there! "

Yuan Gao (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)

"The classes were great, helping me to learn more in my favorite area of math, while also helping me to strengthen my weaker areas. Also, the people were very helpful and friendly, the activities were very fun, and the campus experience overall was great! "

Zach Marks (Univ. Puget Sound 2019)
Past Summer Programs

"I would really recommand all the students who are willing to learn more about math and to have a great summer to come to AwesomeMath."

Robert Yao (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"Awesome math is a good program and it lets you meet new people with the same interests. I would recommend this camp for other people!"

Anjali Vadlamudi (UT Dallas 2018)

"AMSP strengthened my skills in geometry and opened my eyes to combinatorics. I was always lagging in counting and probability, but my Math Counts with Proofs class showed me techniques that gave me confidence in the topic. I would say it went from my worse topic to one of my best ones."

Ishaan Salhotra (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"This camp left great memories, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun doing lots of math."

William Guo (Puget Sound 2018)

"Awesome math was a great experience for me and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves mathematics."

Mathew Jacob (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"I never thought I could get sick of math. But this is the essence of this camp here, pushing us out of our comfort zone and constantly challenge ourselves. This is exactly what summer camps should be like - providing the opportunity to do something you won’t be able to do in the academic school year. Came here with doubts, left without regrets."

Jayden Khuu (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"Awesome math was great. I made many good friends, and this camp opened my eyes to higher level mathematics."

Corwin Cheung (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"The experience is wonderful as math lovers come together and strive to be better in mathematics."

Jason Zhang (UT Dallas 2018)

"AMSP was a great experience! All the staff were very helpful, the rec activities were well planned, and everything ran smoothly. Most importantly, the instructors and TAs were helpful and supportive."

Lixin Zheng (Puget Sound 2018)

"Math was always my strongest subject in school and I never felt challenged in school. The only difficulty I had in math were the competitions, like the AMC. What you can't do makes it even more alluring and math competitions became intriguing. Coming to AwesomeMath was one of the best experiences I ever had. I never had a bad day at this camp. Not a single one. This is my second year at this camp. Last year sparked my interesting in the entire realm of math and was the major factor that lead me to the decision that I was going to be a math major. After that year, I would be addicted to math, doing practice competitions and immersing myself with problem strategies.

Completing the summer session this year helped me develop so many problem strategies. My weaknesses became my strengths and I learned more in these three short weeks than what I taught myself in an entire year of school. I met so many different people from various parts of the world, from various different states like Ohio, Minnesota, California, New Jersey, etc to different countries like Britain, China, and South Korea. Learning about the backstories and how their daily lives differ from mine was truly amazing and gave me a better sense of the world. Everyone here was incredibly smart and I felt so proud of myself just being associated with these people with such stellar and distinguished accomplishments whether they were mathematical accomplishments or others. AwesomeMath was an eye opener and has changed me for the better."

Eshan Tivakaran (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AwesomeMath is one of my most favorite places to be in the whole world. All three of my years here, I got so much out of it. I’m amazed at how many friends and connections I made aside from learning higher level mathematics, and I would recommend anybody with a true passion for math to come to this camp."

Derek Zhu (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AwesomeMath is a great way to spend your summer and a great way to make friends with similar interests"

Rishabh Das (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AwesomeMath was everything I expected and hoped it would be, but it also had good things I didn't anticipate. I met people who were amazingly good at math, like an IMO gold medalist and someone who qualified for AIME seven times, which is just fun. I became motivated to do more math outside the camp and my math classes. And, of course, I learned so much math that I didn't even think existed."

Zain Padamsee (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"Awesome Math at Cornell was so much fun. All of the teachers were very helpful and supportive. My resident assistant was also very supportive and reliable. All of the students here were open minded and very fun to hang out with."

Jenny Jung (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"Extremely helpful academically wise, but also extremely fun and a worthwhile experience"

Michael hu (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AwesomeMath has been a wonderful experience for me as a whole. I’ve had lots of fun learning math and participating in various activities throughout camp. This has been an AWESOME experience."

Stan Kwon (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"Awesome math is an amazing place to learn advanced mathematics, but the relationships you develop are so much more powerful than any of the math you’ll learn here. I met easily one of my best friends ever here, and although I’ve known him for a mere two weeks, I feel like I’ve known him for many years. Would recommend to any math lover!"

Glen Cahilly (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AMSP is challenging, but indeed it tells us that Esse Quam Videri!"

Christopher Luo (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"Not only do I feel like I’ve learnt more than ever, but also I take home unforgettable experiences and really valuable memories. AwesomeMath was so fun."

Ignasi Segura (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AwesomeMath is much more than a math camp. The friends I’ve made will last for a lifetime, and the instructors and TAs are all knowledgeable and excited to help you understand everything."

Ilaria Seidel (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AMSP helped me immensely in math."

Kevin Liu (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AwesomeMath was incredibly fun and helped me learn a lot of new mathematical ideas that would be applicable to math competitions."

Mayur Sharma (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"I love the moment when I can't understand a problem, but when I go to office hours, my instructor helps me understand the problem in a very elegant way."

Advay Janardhan (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AMSP is generally and specifically awesome, not only about the academic skills I acquired, but also about the friends I made, the exbullient atomsphere these staff and kids cooperatively created. You will love it and wish you could come back one day, either as a staff or a student!!!"

Justin Xia (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"This will probably remain one of the highlights of my summer. I truly enjoyed and am continuing to enjoy this camp."

Connor Lin (UT Dallas 2018)

"10/10 had an absolute blast and learned a lot"

Evan Ren (Puget Sound 2018)

"I learned a lot more than I expected and now feel much better about my skill in math competitions."

Bharath Heggadahalli (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"Awesome Math Summer Program is a great experience. It is a great experience for people of all ages and math levels, whether you are a middle schooler or a high schooler, and whether you are just getting your start into the math world or have already qualified for MOP. The classes are really good, taught by experienced teachers, including some that have graded USAMO tests. The activities such as poker night, Staff vs Student Sports, Karaoke, and Board Games are very enjoyable, and the Forums are diverse and interesting, and taught by some of the biggest mathematics legends in America. My AwesomeMath experience was filled with joy and happiness, and I didn't go a single day without going to bed thinking, "today was awesome!" I would definitely, definitely recommend the AwesomeMath Summer Program for anyone who is interested in math and wants to have a good time, and I am sure it will meet and exceed your expectations."

Arpit Ranasaria (Puget Sound 2018)

"Awesome Math has truly been a wonderful experience. I feel like I've left camp not only with knowledge in mathematics but also with a new family."

Jarvis Xie (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"Awesomemath was definitely the best 3 weeks I have ever had. I met so many new people and got to learn so much new math. The social experience was great and meeting people with a common interest was great."

Sriram Ananthakrishnan (Puget Sound 2018)

"Awesome math camp was a life changing experience for me. I was surrounded by people leagues above me and introduced to material i had never heard of before. It was like finding a shiny pikachu except way more realistic. The only weapon I could use to defend myself was my mind and shocking good looks, but seeing as everyone else already had those in greater supply than I, I was forced to push the limits of my mathematical ability and learn all sorts of perplexing subjects. The teachers were great, and the activities were interesting and fun. My RA was also really cool."

Kevin Deng (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"The AMSP experience was absolutely incredible. The content taught was very useful for competition and the teachers teach it very thoroughly. The social activities made the camp not only a math camp but a sociable camp."

Luc Le (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"The camp was so enjoyable! The classes gave me an unimaginably huge amount of knowledge in just two weeks. Even more, it provided me a new perspective towards problem solving, which I know will benefit me so much now on!"

Yunqing (Isabella) Han (Puget Sound 2018)

"AMSP was not only a great learning experience, but also a wonderful opportunity for me to make friends with so many other amazing mathematicians just like myself, which I think is just as important!"

Siming Feng (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"Absolutely enriching"

Rohan Prashanth (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AMSP was a wonderful experience that helped me improve greatly in my math abilities."

Joshua Yu (UT Dallas 2018)

"You will never regret of being here. Just come!!"

Yike Wang (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AwesomeMath was an incredible experience I will never forget. The classes not only taught me new concepts but also allowed me to enjoy math more than I could before. The students, RAs, TAs, and instructors make AwesomeMath what it is. Camp passed by before I knew it and I don’t know anybody who doesn’t wish camp was longer. The overall experience was amazing and I would love to come back again."

Autumn Shin (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"Awesomemath is sincerely awesome."

Ningxin Zhang (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"I love this summer camp so much. During these three weeks, I picked up my passion towards maths again due to interesting topics told in class. Also, this is the first time that I study maths not for tests but because of my interest. It is the most treasure memory that I will never forgot in my life. What’s more, I met with group of very talented people here. I clearly saw the huge gap between us which motivates me to carefully think about whether I am going to take maths major in the university. I don’t mean to give up. I just realize I am not ready for maths major. This camp encourages me to make more efforts on maths. Most importantly, this camp has the greatest arts and crafts activities! I enjoyed me time so much making bracelet! Professors, TAs and RA are great. They played important roles in my happy memories."

Lily Jiang (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AwesomeMath greatly improved my math skills and was a very fun social experience and was “Awesome” overall"

Azeem Hakim (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AwesomeMath is more than just a math camp – we have the opportunity to make lifelong friends through solving math problems together, which is the best way to learn and grow."

Amber Luo (UT Dallas 2018)

"It was a really fun and unique experience. I think it was very beneficial."

Christopher Lee (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"This camp was an experience of a lifetime."

Rohan Surana (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AwesomeMath was an excellent experience that taught me many new topics in depth and really increases my confidence for doing math competitions in the future. This camp also helped me meet many new people and make wonderful friends. "

Divyesh Murugan (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AwesomeMath was really fantastic. Thank you so much to all of my teachers, TAs, Dr. Andreescu for ensuring a truly memorable experience. I learned loads of math and made tons of friends."

Kyle Hynes (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"This was my first year at Awesome Math and I’m glad to say that I’ve had a great experience. I expected this camp to be... slightly boring, but after just a few days here I realized that the main thing which became apparent was that you were meant to have fun here, and I can surely say that I did. I’m also confident that I improved significantly in my Math and it was great to see other students who shared a passion for Math and that I could always talk to regarding my provlems"

Khare, Tejas (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AMSP is good at showing what kinds of people you will be competitive against and you can learn a lot from people more experienced than you."

John Chen (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"It’s a perfect camp which left me with laughters,friendship and lifetime memory."

Xinyue Li (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"The passion for mathematics and problem solving is amazing at this camp. Teachers, instructors and directors really make the effort to make sure you learn and have fun. The experience was amazing and I anchored so glad I came here for the 2nd year in a row"

Aarav Bajaj (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AMSP was an amazing experience. From challenging and rewarding classes to all sorts of exciting activities, I always had something that I could look forward to. Most importantly, I made tons of new friends!"

Siming Feng (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"The Awesome Math Summer Program was an amazing experience that brought together so many different people to experience the beauty of mathematics as one. I am thrilled to have been a part of AMSP and am super excited for the years to come. Not only do the students, staff, faculty, and administrators at this camp make it a wonderful experience, but camp’s wholesome structure really helps students reach their full potential, as it did for me. The richness of this program has given me incredible insight into mathematics and has changed the way I see mathematics in the world around me. I will carry my love for mathematics throughout my life because being a part of AMSP has opened my eyes to a vast, wonderful, and beautifully complex world of mathematics I cannot wait to explore."

Vanya Dimri (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"It was a very great social and math experience. Learned a lot, great teachers and TA's, would recommend greatly."

Owen Zhang (Puget Sound 2018)

"AwesomeMath is a veritable brain trust of our best and brightest math enthusiasts, from stoic mathletes with IMO aspirations to casual math nerds getting exposed to more unique mathematics for the first time."

Anonymous (Puget Sound 2018)

"I learned a lot and had a lot of fun!"

Garrett Heller (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"It didn’t hit me until I was on the shuttle from Syracuse to Cornell that I would be at math camp. Math camp. A place where I’d be crunching numbers for six hours a day and studying for tests - during the summer! That’s what I expected math camp to be, but in reality, Awesome Math couldn’t be more different from my expectations. The staff was incredibly kind, and the teachers and TAs were so invested in student learning. The program coordinators were friendly and focused on delivering a quality experience for students by providing open communication and mementos like t-shirts and yearbooks. I learned a ton from the camp! There’s such a wide variety of rec activities and opportunities to have fun and experience summer like a normal kid. There’s a wide range of people here with different opinions and personalities, and in a sea of so many faces, you’re bound to find a friend. I’ve made so many memories and friendships since that shuttle ride, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to come to Awesome Math!"

Alice Ao (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AwesomeMath is the best experience in my life! It is the perfect place where the thirst for knowledge, collaboration and improvement bloom. New friends, new ideas, new concepts, new experiences… I suggest changing the name from AwesomeMath to AwesomeEverything!"

Igli Mlloja (UT Dallas 2018)

"AwesomeMath Summer Program is one of the best camps I've ever been to! It was very math intensive, which is a great experience when everyone there is super talented and interested in the subject. The instructors, TA's, RA's, and students were all very kind, helpful, and fun to be around. The activities are fun and positively add to the camp experience. Thank you AwesomeMath for such a great experience!"

Jenny Fan (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AMSP was truly one of the most the opening experiences I've ever experienced. While there were so ways this camp has helped us improve in math skills, there are also so many great opportunities to make long-lasting friendships and explore new activities during rec time. This was my first time coming to this camp and there is no doubt I would return."

Stephanie Chang (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"I love the camp, I feel like I've learned so much and made so many friendships that will last me, potentially my life time."

Raul Valle (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"Learned a lot and definitely improved at math. It was overall an enjoyable experience!"

Jonathan Ran (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AwesomeMath was a highly enjoyable and memorable camp. I really loved the amazing community there; I made a ton of new friends and the staff were great! I also enjoyed the high level of rigor and the rapid pace in which classes were conducted. I learned a lot of new material that I found both very interesting and challenging. AMSP was an inspirational experience and the awesome memories made here will last forever."

Benjamin Yan (Puget Sound 2018)

"Great rec activities and math learning! Teachers were very helpful."

Bryan C. (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"Awesome Math is awesome!"

Yawen Wang (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AwesomeMath was probably one the most enriching experiences I've had. I have learnt so much from both my classes, and I also had a lot of fun while doing it. After coming here, I really feel like I am quite prepared for my next grade and competition math. I really had a lot of fun at learning all this new math and hope to come again next year."

Vikram Krishna (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"I wasn’t interested in math at first, but after attending Awesomemath, I found math is actually so fun and imaginative, that mathematical world is the only world in which facts exist and all can be perfectly proved."

Orisis Zeng (Puget Sound 2018)

"A mathematical experience isn't composed of rigid Dilemmas and obstacles formed by the most intricate problems but is simply generated through the people who occupy the student during this 2 week journey of pure learning and development. The Awesomemath camp has grasped very well its understanding of this valuable statemented and has put into into action whether that would be from Award wing instructors and IMO winning assistants or quite merely to the varied recreational activities, it is a one of a kind camping opportunity that anyone may attain, and as a younger student in this camp i feel honoured and somewhat overwhelmed by the level of attainment i have achieved and have come to the conclusion that this was structured through words , hands and advice from those around me, and indeed that's all that counts in the end."

Ahmed Ali (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AMSP was a very fun and cool way to engage with others and learn math."

James Lian (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"It's like normal summer camp but everyone is a nerd"

Taras Pylypenko (Puget Sound 2018)

"Attending AMSP is one of the most exciting experiences in the summer."

David He (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"Yes, I would return to AwesomeMath next year. It encouraged group growth and had an excellent staff. UT Dallas also provides a spacious campus and cool places to have rec activities. Overall, AwesomeMath was a pretty amazing experience."

Kaylee Chen (UT Dallas 2018)

"AwesomeMath is an amazing place to improve mathematics skills and make new friends with wonderful people."

Andy Gu (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"I really liked this camp. The instructors are experienced and excellent at their topic."

Maya Rebholz (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"Many fantastic things happen their. My instructor doesn’t only teach me number theory but also gives me tip on college math major. In fact I can’t help wait to take a course he has taken at his freshman year at Princeton!"

Chengyu Li (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"AwesomeMath is a great camp that balances both educational learning and social integration with others. Throughout my time at AwesomeMath, I both augmented my individual mathematical skills and my social comfort with others. AM is a very comfortable place to be and is an overall great environment to participate in."

Rannon Huo (UT Dallas 2018)

"The best experience of my life, and I haven’t even lived that long."

Matthew Grimalovsky (Cornell - Session 2 2018)

"It was a very memorable camp where I learned not only math but how to interact and cooperate with others in an academic and recreational setting."

Gordon Kim (UT Dallas 2018)

"It was a great experience for me to spend time leaning new skills in company of friendly staff and other campers who share my interests and love to math"

Sanzhar Kul-Mukhammed (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AwesomeMath was a great experience, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from all of my classes."

Eddie Qiao (UT Dallas 2018)

"AMSP was a really good experience and I learned a lot. I made a lot of friends and learned a lot of interesting things about math!"

Zachary Tu (Cornell - Session 1 2018)

"AwesomeMath was such a great camp for me. I really learned a lot and it was a rigorous but fun camp. My instructors were really helpful, and activities at camp were great!"

Joann Shi (Cornell University, Session 1 - 2017)

"AwesomeMath was a great experience for me. As an older kid without much math competition experience, I feel that I now have a foundation I can build on and become more successful at competitions. I also had lots of fun doing activities and meeting new people. I would definitely recommend AwesomeMath to anyone interested at getting better at math."

Ben Thorpe (UT Dallas - 2017)

"It was so helpful, helped me enjoy math more, and I made lots of amazing friends."

Claire Jin (Cornell University, Session 2 - 2017)

"This camp seemed like it would be really boring when my mom first told me about it, but coming here was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve made so many friends and learned so much new stuff. When you hear “math camp,” you probably think of a huddle of acne-faced teens, sitting around a table, solving problems day and night, and living off coffee, but that is not what this is about. The classes are challenging, but not to the point that you want to give up and just leave. The friends you make here will last forever, and so will the memories."

Jessica He (UT Dallas - 2017)

"AwesomeMath was an amazing experience and very memorable. I learned a lot of mathematics from this camp and had a lot of fun and enjoyment. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had."

Benjamin Yan (Cornell University, Session 1 - 2017)

"AMSP was such an amazing experience! The classes were great and the faculty were amazing to interact with. The instructors and TAs work really hard to provide a relationship with the student and make sure that every student is comfortable with the material. It’s so amazing to be around so many extremely smart and different people from around the world!"

Sonya Ganeshram (UT Dallas - 2017)

"I very much enjoyed my time at AMSP. I made so many new friends with the same interests as myself, and I learned so much more new math. The teachers were all very knowledgeable and willing to answer any question. I really hope that I can return to this camp next year."

Ilaria Seidel (Cornell University, Session 2 - 2017)

"AwesomeMath was an amazing experience for me. The teachers and TAs were extremely helpful, and were always on the lookout to help their students. It amazed me how much the instructors cared about helping the students learn!"

Varun Deb (Cornell University, Session 2 - 2017)

"I absolutely loved this camp! If you don’t go you are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime!"

Eric Yang (UT Dallas - 2017)

"I really enjoyed this camp! It had everything that makes life worth living. The instructors were top notch: They made the learning experience fun and fulfilling. The RAs give you a sense of home and family so you feel the most comfortable. The other students were probably the best part of camp! You learn about different ideas and cultures, and make friends and form a strong bond because of your shared love for Math."

Paulina Naydenkov (UT Dallas - 2017)

"I thought that I was really good at math before coming to AwesomeMath. Then I met a lot of brilliant teachers, campers and counselors who all showed me that I was wrong. However, that’s not all bad. I know that when I’m in school, it’s easy not to push myself to the max but to settle for below my potential. However, these three weeks have given me a whole new outlook on what it means to be successful, to work hard, and to do your best. Thank you AwesomeMath!"

Matthew Nyhus

"I had a wonderful time at AwesomeMath. I met a lot of very interesting people from all over the world, and had the opportunity to take classes with excellent teachers. I made new friends, who all share the same enthusiasm for mathematics, and learning from each other made my interest for mathematics grow even more. The whole experience of being at AwesomeMath was very rewarding, there’s just no better way to spend you summer than being at AwesomeMath. I’m going to miss everyone."

Gabriel Reilly (international student)

"At first it was a mingle of emotions, stuck between math and harder math. But this encouraged us to help each other out, from math to anything else, and amidst laughing and learning was created a thick web of interconnectedness. And it just kept getting better and better!"

Heeyoon Kim

"I really learned lots of things from AMSP this year. I look at math now in a different way. I got to make friendships with people from all over the world. The staff here was very friendly and helpful and they worked hard just to make this program work, so thank you AMSP staff. I’ll miss the amazing three weeks I had here."

Faisal Al-Said (international student)

"At AMSP we learned to see mathematics in a different light. While we discovered many new strategies of thinking in problem solving, maybe the most important experiences we gained were not only facing a new style of learning but interacting with others from different cultures. It makes me so happy to call so many of those interesting and new people my friends. AwesomeMath was a great experience. The staff was terrific, I made so many good friends, and I hope to keep in touch with you all!"

Yasin Indarkiri (international student)

"This prestigious program has proven to be extremely worthwhile and rewarding. More than the mathematics I have learned at camp, I am happy to have met so many new friends and feel that I have been placed on a path to success."

Siddharth Reddy

"My summer at AwesomeMath has been a great one, between, well…math, and the friends that I have made. Learning new math is always interesting, and being able to discover the beauty of math that lays beneath the surface of what is taught at school is exciting for me. Finding the patterns that make up the world of numbers is such a great feeling. While I came here for the math, what really made the three weeks such a great experience were the people around me – the ones I talked with, ate with, studied with, played with, laughed with, and even literally carried: my friends, both campers and counselors. To meet so many people with so many hometowns and cultures and languages, yet still in so many ways so similar to me was amazing."

Ryan Seldon

"I really enjoyed the experience at camp and all the fun times I had! I had so many times where I could laugh with my friends. I got to meet so many new people here! Also, I learned so much from the awesome teachers here who taught me so much about math. I really enjoyed the time I spent at AwesomeMath!"

Anita Liu

"AMSP was very inspiring to me. I learned and encountered challenges I would never have faced otherwise; I learned math and much more. The three weeks I shared with the other students was perhaps the best of my life, and I will never forget all I have experienced at AMSP."

Jeffrey Kim

"This has been a very Awesome experience. Great teachers, EXTREMELY talented students, I’d like to thank the people who helped me get to where I am today."

Thani AlRayes (international student)

"When I first came to AwesomeMath I felt like that camp was designed to be a quick fix. It wasn’t a quick fix in that my AIME score jumped 5 points in just 6 weeks that first summer; instead, it was a quick fix in that it had exposed me to who the real successful people are in mathematics and that is you, the campers as a whole, the people who do math because they love it. These people are who really made my AwesomeMath experience incredible, mathematically speaking. They helped me realize the enjoyment that can come for problem solving. And for that I am forever grateful. When I first came to the camp, I was looking to be a better problem solver, but I was motivated to do so for the sake of victory in contests rather than the personal satisfaction of solving a hard problem. These people have really shown me what that is.

Now in camp, I have had a group of peers every year that have made my experience fun. More than just the problems you get at the end of camp, the social network that you obtain, people who are determined to succeed, people who will succeed will impact your life forever. That’s the great thing about AwesomeMath, there are so many people who have different interests and enjoy different things but all share one common love, that being a thirst for knowledge and a determination to succeed."

Shri Ganeshram

"AMSP was fun and I learned a lot. It’s a really good summer program that has many options for students of any level."

Edward Dinh

"The challenging courses and simply being around people who love math as much as I do made AMSP one of the most memorable experiences of my life."

Harini Kannan

"It was in Grade 8, year 2013, when I first acquired Dr. Andreescu’s book Mathematical Olympiad Treasures. The copious number of gems presented in the material ignited in me an appetite for Mathematics and creative thinking, opening for me a world of boundless intellectual challenges provided by the various Mathematical Contests and Olympiads. During my training for the Olympiads, the Regional and National Mathematics Contests in India and then the Team selection test for the prestigious International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), the major resource that I used for guiding me were the books written by Dr. Andreescu and the books offered by the AwesomeMath community. The innumerable theoretical concepts, examples, problems with corresponding solutions, explicit illustrations and the motivation which the authors have striven to pass to the reader were so well conveyed that anyone who has a passion and love for Mathematics and Mathematical thinking would definitely say, “Awesome”.

Later, I came across the heart of the AwesomeMath community: The AwesomeMath Year-Round Program, which is a truly enlightening experience. The segments are very well designed and the material encapsulates fascinating and charming pearls and rubies of Elementary Mathematics. Each segment has assigned to it a unique flavour, illustrating not only Mathematical ideas but also dealing with the author’s query about “Why things should be true?” The ideas are conveyed in a very lucid and elaborate manner with emphasis on converting useful insights and intuitions into rigorously packed airtight proofs. The ideas are very simple and to the more experienced reader might even look ‘standard’ but they are applied in such witty ways that one is often stunned with the realization that such ingenuity is even possible. Each author, with his own style of problem-solving, influences the reader to think creatively. The examples lay the table for the main course: the problems. Each problem is a brainteaser and savouring and reflecting on the solution makes one enjoy it even more. The most important feature is the invaluable art of proof-writing that is very important in math contests, research, and in almost every aspect of life. The true beauty of pre-university level mathematics is captured in a single problem, making any Mathematics lover feel contented. Another enchanting experience that the AwesomeMath community provides is the Online Math Journal – Mathematical Reflections, exposing the readers to problems, solutions and knowledge of Mathematics at varying levels of difficulty. The community also has a bookstore providing innumerable books varying from the ones designed for pre-Olympiad students to the notoriously challenging book “Problems from the book”.

The Program has helped me a lot by providing lots of interesting and fun-to- solve problems and I would like to thank the AwesomeMath for spreading the joy of mathematics to the community. It is indeed an experience worth a try and the monetary cost of this program is negligibly small when compared to what one receives. In one word, it is “Awesome”."

Anant Mudgal (AMY Participant 2015-2016, IMO 2015)