Summer Math Program Testimonials

At AwesomeMath, we strive to enrich our student’s problem-solving abilities so that they can improve their competition math performance in a diverse environment with challenging courses and fun activities so as to create life-long memories and friendships. But don’t take our word for it, read what our awesome students have to say about the program.

"AMSP offers a unique experience where one can go to focus singularly on competition-based mathematics. During the experience one gets to learn a combination of new techniques and the application of those techniques in different situations. This not only expands one's mathematical tool kit but also shows one how to use the tools."

Andrew C. (Online Session 1)

"Very good introduction to combinatorics and other great topics! I think this was one of the most entertaining math classes that I have taken, and I regret that I found this program too late."

Hayden L. - South Korea (Online Session 1)

"AMSP was probably the best math program that I have ever signed up for. The teachers were thorough and explained new concepts in an understandable way during the lecture, and they also made sure to give us all materials on Google Classroom if we wanted to look through them again. They were always eager and enthusiastic about helping us grow."

Audrey M. - New York (Online Session 1)

"The class helped me learn many new concepts and topics, and I felt it was the right pace to let me absorb all of the information and do the problems. It was definitely very challenging at times, as my instructor assigned problems from math olympiads, even ones from the IMO, and although I was rarely able to figure them out on my own, it was still helpful when I saw the solutions and I feel that these problems also helped me grow. Overall, the pace and content of the class was just right, and the difficulty level was a bit high, but in a good way."

Zheyuan L. - California (Online Session 1)

"I absolutely loved Session 1 of the 2022 AwesomeMath Summer Program and I would like to thank all the members of staff at the AwesomeMath Summer Program for making this such an amazing experience, especially the social activities coordinators who stayed up till 1:00 am EST on Saturdays to host fun activities for students. I really appreciate the way AwesomeMath makes the program as enjoyable as possible. Its being online makes it no less wonderful."

Jia T. - Malaysia (Online Session 1)

"Awesome Math is a fantastic resource to learn math! I learned a lot of math in these three weeks. It would take me 2 months to learn these topic which I learned in 3 weeks. Thanks Awesome Math! Really everything is taught in a wonderful way."

Sreepranad D. - India (Online Session 1)

"With the intensive curriculum, and amazing teachers, I learned so many new ways to tackle extremely hard problems in various topics. The classes were an amazing experience and getting to work out problems on my own became so much more enjoyable thanks to Awesomemath!"

Paul Y. - Virginia (Online Session 1)

"I was nervous as this was my first ever camp, but I didn’t have to worry at all. ASMP, although online, was able to make it easy for me to contact my instructor and TA for help and interact with other students in my course. Overall, it was an AWESOME experience that made math more exciting yet challenging. Thank you for giving me this exhilarating experience!"

YouHyun S. - South Korea (Online Session 2)

"I would enroll in the Online Summer Program again because of how efficient and intense the course was. I was able to learn a large amount of information in a short period of time. The questions were challenging and since it was graded on completion, I wasn't afraid to make a mistake or to reach out for help. The workload wasn't too much but enough that it occupied me during the time I wasn't in class."

Sana K. - New Jersey (Online Session 2)

"I would definitely enroll in the Online Summer Program again. I have learnt so much in such an effective manner like never before."

Kristy L. - Hong Kong (Online Session 3)

"The experience at AwesomeMath was fantastic! Learning new topics and solving challenging problems have certainly honed my problem solving skills. The instructor was helpful with questions when needed. Would certainly recommend it for prospective students!"

Jun J. - Mississippi (Online Session 3)

"This course not only built knowledge but also confidence in my math ability. I was able to gain a ton of knowledge/resources in only a short period of time."

Katelyn N. - New Jersey (Online Session 3)

"I will definitely enroll in AMSP the next chance I get. I learned so much throughout my two summer courses, and a, looking forward to learning more with AMSP next summer"

Thomas M. - California (Online Session 3)

"I just want to say how I think the instructor was amazing! He was very approachable and gave really clear and helpful feedback or answers to any questions I or any of the students had and also did well in providing support and guidance when needed throughout any problem solving process. I enjoyed this class immensely - the lectures. problem sessions.. working on the p-set afterwards.. every part of it was so much fun, and I definitely feel like I got a lot out of it. For me there is nothing I wish would change."

Anonymous (Online Session 1)

"I most definitely would enroll in the Online Summer Program again because the courses do teach you more information. Granted, you need to put in the effort to do the problems and stay on top of the classes, but I learned many new strategies to solve problems I previously couldn't. This camp is seriously amazing and I'm so glad I participated in it. Thank you!"

Anonymous (Online Session 3)

"I would enroll in the AMSP next year. I learned many new concepts in Geometry and Combinatorics and I have been given more tools to tackle tough problems. My understanding of mathematics has expanded and I have been able to use what I learned to explain other concepts I was having trouble with."

Anonymous (Online Session 3)