Summer Math Program Testimonials

At AwesomeMath, we strive to enrich our student’s problem-solving abilities so that they can improve their competition math performance in a diverse environment with challenging courses and fun activities so as to create life-long memories and friendships. But don’t take our word for it, read what our awesome students have to say about the program.

"AMSP was something always mentioned as great, but I had no idea of the level it was really at. After taking the camp I can definitely attest to the other stellar reviews and then some! I actually improved on problem solving and had a lot of fun doing so."

Archi P. - Mississippi (Online Session 1)

"One of the best 3-weeks in my life!"

Charan G. - India (Online Session 1)

"My experience at AMSP online was wonderful! I learned a lot. It challenged me while still providing a fun experience. The students, staff, instructor, and TA were all super nice and always willing to help. Thank you for the experience!"

Hailey P. - California (Online Session 2)

"AwesomeMath was a wonderful experience and I was able to take an evening course in combinatorics which was great because it did not interfere with tennis practice."

Ioannis E. - Connecticut (Online Session 2)

"AwesomeMath is one of the best places for exploring competition mathematics! The classes were both fun and challenging in a way that led me to further expand my knowledge and skills. Collaborating with other students was also a great way to build math knowledge and community, which was an experience like no other."

Janice L. - California (Online Session 1, 2)

"Awesome Math was really a really fun camp and I learned a lot from it. I like the way the classes are set up so there's a balance between learning the materials and actually trying it for yourself. Additionally, the TAs were super helpful and provided adequate feedback on the problem sets and tests, and they graded our homework quickly which was nice. It's a nice community of math enthusiasts and there were always people willing to help or answer questions or just clarify some things from the lectures."

Jessie W. - Texas (Online Session 2)

"It's been such a wonderful experience! All the social activities coordinators, instructors, and TAs are so nice and helpful. Thanks for organizing this! It's been so awesome, as the very name of this program suggests."

Jia - Malaysia (Online Session 1, 2, 3)

"Coming to AwesomeMath as an international student was undoubtedly helpful. It allowed me to explore so many different things that I was unaware of and it changed the way I today think about this world."

Kanishk - India (Online Session 1)

"AMSP has been an excellent learning experience and has greatly benefited my skills in math. With the wide variety of qualified teachers you will be sure to learn and strengthen many important concepts all in a fun maner."

Krish R. - New Jersey (Online Session 2, 3)

"AMSP is overall a challenging program, and I have grown a lot in solving various interesting problems."

Li Z. - China (Online Session 2, 3)

"The program was immensely helpful and also helped me to make new friends."

Raghav G. - India (Online Session 1, 2, 3)

"I will enroll in the Online Summer Program again. It was fun, intense, and I learned a lot. The online format also guaranteed that I wouldn't have to travel anywhere to do the summer program."

Raymon Z. - Washington (Online Session 1)

"I loved the program and learned a lot from it while still having fun, and I feel it would be a great experience if I did it again."

Rishabh M. - California (Online Session 1)

"AwesomeMath truly allowed me to experience mathematics outside of a conventional classroom setting. With peers that are just as driven as I am, as well as with instructors and TAs that go above and beyond to deepen our understanding, AMSP was certainly a transformative experience."

Sarah P. - Hawaii (Online Session 1, 2, 3)

"I thought that AwesomeMath Program Online was very useful and would love to take more courses in it."

Sophia L. - Virginia (Online Session 2)

"This is my second year at the Awesome Math Summer Program, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it! When I joined this session of Awesome Math, combinatorics was my weakest and most disliked area of math, but after taking the Combinatorics 1 course, I have learned so many new concepts and am constantly intrigued with this unique branch of mathematics! My instructor, Dr. Kane, always went above and beyond and had the tendency to take some of the hardest problems from the problem sets and solve them in such elegant ways, which really captivated my interest from the very start of the course. But apart from the learning, this program gives so much more: the chance to make some of your best friends! All of the Awesome Math staff aspire to make this program memorable in every way possible, which is just amazing! This program is the best for learning, making friends, and enjoying yourself at the same time!"

Vedant S. - Texas (Online Session 1, 2)

"I learnt a lot these three weeks; I plan to take the other two courses 4.5 difficulty next year."

Xingjian R. - China (Online Session 1)

"I learned so much from the online summer program!! Moreover, I was able to schedule my time more flexibly than an in-person summer program."

Yunjia Q. - North Carolina (Online Session 1, 2, 3)

"The AwesomeMath summer program helped me grow a lot in math and a person as a whole. I really appreciate this experience with everyone, and all students at AwesomeMath are super friendly. A lot of them helped me doing problems when I am stuck. Overall, I really enjoyed this experience!"

Ziyan (Timi) F. - California (Online Session 1, 2)

"I much prefer online than in-person, because Online Summer Program is much more convenient in time-management and saves my parent's money from unnecessary traveling. More importantly, the quality of education is same - I asked questions in class, attended office hours, and actually had more time to review course materials in the comfort environment at home."


"I would definitely enroll in this program again in the future. I really liked this program because of the amount of new things that I learned and just the overall environment. I absolutely loved the way that this entire experience turned out for me. I just liked how connected I felt with everyone and how welcoming and encouraging the atmosphere was. I feel like the teachers in this course were some of the best people that I have met. They truly love solving problems and teaching new things to us and it is not often that you get teachers who care this much."


"I find that the courses were generally harder than the course description, but the classes were really helpful, and helped me improve a lot. I also liked how AMSP has social activities so we can make friends and have fun. Overall, I loved the course and I would definitely enroll again."


"It has been a pleasure to attend AMSP 2021. Many camps and programs have been moved online due to the pandemic, and things have been a lot more difficult to organize. However, AwesomeMath did an absolutely amazing job with the classes and the social activities; distance was not something that got in the way with the interactions between the instructors and the student. The Discord server was also a great place for hanging out and making new friends, and I really appreciate that. In short, the AMSP online experience has been wonderful and I would love to attend this program again!"


"AwesomeMath has some great instructors, and the collaborative atmosphere of class really helps me focus and stay motivated. Being able to review the content with experienced teachers/coaches is a very special opportunity."


"The classes were really fun and engaging and I felt like I learned a lot. The social activities were also really fun and I made a lot of new friends."


"The content is high quality and useful in competitions and beyond. Plus, the Summer Program has challenging problems, so you'll learn a lot!"


"Good instructors and a challenging, rigorous course."


"I would definitely enroll again as it was an awesome experience and I learned A LOT!"


"I've learned more geometry in just three weeks than I even thought possible!"


"I love Online Summer Program much better than in-person, because it saves time and money to travel and it is very convenient for my family. I hope AwesomeMath will continue offering Online Summer Program in the future."


"I learned a lot of new ways to think about things. I also learned new concepts and tricks that I have never seen anywhere."


"There are a wide variety of classes to choose from and you can really learn a lot at an advanced level."


"I would enroll in Online Summer Program again, since I have been able to learn a lot through the online program this year, and it allows me for more flexibility in my schedule."