Summer Math Program Testimonials

At AwesomeMath, we strive to enrich our student’s problem-solving abilities so that they can improve their competition math performance in a diverse environment with challenging courses and fun activities so as to create life-long memories and friendships. But don’t take our word for it, read what our awesome students have to say about the program.

"AwesomeMath Summer Program ignited my passion for math, strengthened my problem-solving skills, and deepened my knowledge of mathematics. AMSP is where I meet brilliant minds."

Michael Z. - New Jersey (Online Session 1)

"The problem solving sessions are really organized along with the instruction session, and teachers and TAs answer your questions easily during these sessions and office hours! Love it!"

Rebecca Y - Georgia (Online Session 1)

"This course systematically helped me improve my toolbox for the AIME, and its high intensity fulfilled my time for an entire summer!"

Allan Z. - China (Online Session 1)

"Having experienced AwesomeMath's online courses on Modular Arithmetic and Algebra, I must say it has been an outstanding journey of learning and growth. The exceptionally well-designed courses offer comprehensive content and engaging lessons that make complex mathematical concepts feel approachable. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, making the learning experience enjoyable and insightful. Their ability to break down intricate topics into digestible chunks allowed me to easily grasp the fundamentals. One of AwesomeMath's standout features is its interactive learning approach. The online platform provided ample opportunities to practice and apply the concepts learned, solidifying my understanding of Modular Arithmetic and Algebra. I truly appreciate the flexibility of the courses, as I could learn at my own pace and revisit challenging topics whenever needed. The combination of video lectures, interactive exercises, and supplementary materials made the learning process both efficient and effective. Throughout the courses, I felt supported by the responsive and helpful support team. Any questions or concerns I had were promptly addressed, which further enhanced my overall experience. Thanks to AwesomeMath, I have gained a strong foundation in Math, empowering me with invaluable problem-solving skills applicable to various real-world scenarios. I highly recommend Awesome Maths to anyone seeking a top-notch online learning experience in mathematics."

Xianjie Y. - China (Online Session 1)

"The AwesomeMath program was the best math program I've ever participated in. My teacher and teaching assistant were very kind and supportive, I got to collaborate with my classmates on the problem sets, and overall I learned A TON of new concepts and strategies which have made me a better problem-solver. Not to mention that my math competition scores have raised significantly since I've started participating in this program."

Luca P. - Massachusetts (Online Session 1)

"I would enroll again because I gained a concrete understanding of difficult math concepts much quicker in this program than I would've been able to at school. In addition, I was able to learn many tips and tricks for math competitions, and dive deeper into areas of math under experienced teachers."

Anonymous (Online Session 1)

"This AwesomeMath summer program was great! I took a course - Computational Geometry) that was supposedly above my level, but I was able to keep with it just fine. The instructor was very knowledgeable about geometry, and never skipped any steps. He gave us tips on how to approach problems, and I'm excited to use what I learned in future contests."

Ziyao Y. - Massachusetts (Online Session 2)

"The AwesomeMath Program was a fun and great learning experience where I was able to connect with my peers and learn different kinds of Mathematics. I learned a lot from my instructor and would not regret this experience."

Ikenna A. - California (Online Session 2)

"AMSP was a truly amazing! The lectures were highly intensive and provided information in a compact manner. The program not only taught me many concepts and techniques useful in competition problem solving, but unlike most other programs it also showed me how to apply them in countless problems taken from real contests. I would recommend AMSP for anyone looking to refine their problem solving skills."

Ali O. - Turkey (Online Session 2)

"The AwesomeMath camp provides a learning experience of high quality. It has professional and kind teachers, and a solid content that its structure is invincible. I really appreciated it a lot!"

Nanxuan Z. - Canada (Online Session 2)

"AMSP's flexible and rigorous courses gave me an opportunity to learn not only new math concepts, but also proofs and new ways to solve problems. The teacher and TAs were always willing to help and offered useful insight to move me forward when I was stuck. Thank you guys so much for the amazing experience!"

Angelina W. - New Jersey (Online Session 2)

"The teacher was great at explaining and helping solve complex problems. The format of the class better helped me understand such complex ideas. After two or three classes, I was able to see the math problems in a different way! The teachers were able always available and ready to help with problems inside, and outside class(office hours). Thank you for such an amazing opportunity!"

Bianca J. - New York (Online Session 2)

"My teacher for AMSP is absolutely amazing, and she's the best math teacher I've ever seen. Also the AMSP materials are really concise and helpful. I would like to do AMSP again for sure."

Zirun Y. - Georgia (Online Session 2)

"I feel impressed by the things about mathematics that I have never even thought about it before, I will definitely recommend this AwesomeMath Summer Program to my families and friends, and everyone that likes mathematics."

Charlie G. - China (Online Session 2)

"In my AMSP online experience, I had a wonderful time. Although I only did one 3-week course, I learned so much. The pace and difficulty level for the class was perfect, and if I was ever having trouble or needed more challenging problems, I was always helped accordingly. My teacher was amazing, and he made the learning process so smooth with detailed explanations. He was always willing to answer the absurd amount of questions I had, and made sure that everybody had a great understanding of the topic at hand. The social activities were also very fun, and I made new friends from the course along with meeting some mathletes that were way above my level. I am very excited to keep coming back to AwesomeMath in the future!"

Suvid B. - New Jersey (Online Session 3)

"When I set out this summer to develop my math skills, I was feeling disappointed, all before I started AwesomeMath, which taught me a ton of new concepts that I'm sure will help me in the future."

Alex L. - North Carolina (Online Session 3)

"The AwesomeMath Summer Program was nothing short of amazing for me, with the enthusiastic instructors and fun peers. Instructors made the lectures incredibly fun and interactive, enabling me to truly grasp the theory and techniques that were being taught throughout the program. This summer program helped me improve greatly, and is a definite must for aspiring achievers."

Aalok P. - New Jersey (Online Session 3)

"Participating in the math program has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me. The program's comprehensive and engaging curriculum helped me strengthen my mathematical skills and problem-solving abilities. The dedicated instructors provided personalized attention, guiding me through challenging concepts and encouraging me to push my limits."

Rex L. - Canada (Online Session 3)

"I learned a lot in my course and was able to really improve my geometry skills."

Charles W. - New Jersey (Online Session 3)

"I loved the course. I learned more math in 3 weeks than in a year at school. The math was engaging and difficult, and I had some of the most fun I've had in a math class in a long time."

Owen S. - Washington (Online Session 3)

"AwesomeMath has been an incredibly educational and supporting program for me through all three years of participation."

Andrew S. - Texas (Online Session 3)

"The AwesomeMath Summer Program was a truly amazing experience. I had been looking for a program where I could really take my contest math proficiency to another level over the summer, and AMSP was exactly what I was looking for, and so much more! Not only was I able to increase my knowledge in many different areas of math, I was also able to connect with several different students who also shared my passion for math. I am so excited for next year!"

Atticus S. - California (Online Session 3)