What is AwesomeMath?

AwesomeMath programs offer enriching experiences in mathematics, physics, and chemistry for gifted middle and high school students from around the world.

Our Purpose

AwesomeMath is devoted to providing enriching experiences in mathematics, physics, and chemistry for intellectually curious learners. Through our summer programs, year-round academy, online journal, and publications, AwesomeMath fosters a community that values creativity, passionate problem-solving, and lifetime learning.

Parents and Educators

In today’s competitive environment, developing problem-solving and critical thinking skills has become more important than ever. Let AwesomeMath help hone your student’s abilities to apply powerful techniques to some of the most engaging problems. Go beyond the core standards and explore the areas of Number Theory, Counting and Probability, Geometry, and Algebra, all through the exciting vehicle of competition math. Whether studying for contests such as MATHCOUNTS, AMC tests, USAMTS, or Purple Comet! Math Meet, F=ma, UASPhO or USNCO, or simply wanting to delve into some beautiful problems to increase your problem-solving skills, AwesomeMath can help you get started on your path.

Many of our students have gone on to pursue other interests in science, engineering, liberal arts, and more, leveraging the skills and techniques they’ve acquired through our premier programs, one-of-a-kind publications, and strong community. Check out our newsletters and testimonials!


Are you looking for challenges beyond the school curriculum? Exploring the world of problem-solving is a worthwhile pursuit, regardless of your career choice. The reasoning skills acquired through problem-solving cannot be easily replicated.

At AwesomeMath our commitment is to bring this world to you. Our programs focus on competition math, physics, and chemistry. We expose students to a variety of interesting and challenging topics through elegant problems that are sure to excite and delight. Whether you are just starting out in math and science competitions or trying to find resources to compete at national or international levels, we have the resources to help along the way.

Math Enthusiasts

Mathematicians, college students, math hobbyists, and our international community, are you looking for problems that can challenge and offer a deeper understanding of various mathematical principles? As the former coach of the US IMO team, Dr. Andreescu has created problems that beautifully illustrate some of the most difficult concepts.

Would you like to find a resource for interesting problems shared by mathematicians from all over the world? Mathematical Reflections, our online journal, has a strong community of readers and contributors. Browse the problems or contribute one of your own!

For problem solving enthusiasts of all ages, AwesomeMath books from our bookstore provide challenging problems that engage your critical thinking skills to succeed in math competitions all the way up to the Olympiad level and beyond. Each book contains clear, comprehensive, and novel proofs which are elegant and unlock understanding in complex areas of mathematics.


There are two areas where AwesomeMath can use your help:

The Purple Comet! Math Meets

The Purple Comet Math Meet has been “fun and free since 2003” and we’d like to keep it that way. Your donations can help pay for staff, our server space, and administration costs. Please consider a monetary contribution to keep this contest available for future problem-solvers.

AwesomeMath Summer Program

AwesomeMath Summer Program likes to provide scholarships to dedicated students who are gifted mathematicians, but may not be able to afford the programs. Your contribution can go a long way to providing this one-of-a-kind opportunity to a deserving student.

You will be taken to PayPal to complete the donation once you complete the online form and hit the donate button.

Please note that we are not a nonprofit organization and therefore any donation received cannot be considered a charitable donation for tax purposes.

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