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Mathematicians, college students, math hobbyists, and our international community, are you looking for problems that can challenge and offer a deeper understanding of various mathematical principles? As the former coach of the US IMO team, Dr. Andreescu has created problems that beautifully illustrate some of the most difficult concepts.

Would you like to find a resource for interesting problems shared by mathematicians from all over the world?
Mathematical Reflections, our online journal, has a strong community of readers and contributors. Browse the problems or contribute one of your own!

Awesome Math: A great resource for mathematics educators

Titu Andreescu, Kathy Cordeiro and Alina Andreescu embarked on a journey two years ago to create a resource for mathematics educators by providing challenging and meaningful problems along with a variety of techniques and tools to enhance their curriculum. This book brings to life teaching mathematics through creative problem solving which will inspire students for love of mathematics beyond school.

The book is divided into three main sections:

  • Why Problem Solving?
  • Teaching Problem Solving
  • Full Units

The publisher is Jossey Bass and you can order the book on Amazon.