Registration for the 2019-2020 Year-Round online program is now open!

Year-Round Program (Online)

This online program is intended for students who have a good handle on AMC competitions, meaning that they already qualified for AIME/USAMO and are looking to further develop their proof writing skills. This program will help students learn problem-solving strategies and techniques to further improve their AIME/USAMO scores.

Why choose AMY?

“…The true beauty of pre-university level mathematics is captured in a single problem, making any Mathematics lover feel contented” ~ Anant Mugdal

  • You will be exposed to fascinating and charming pearls of Elementary Mathematics. Each of the six segments showcases an instructor’s own, unique approach.
  • Each author brings his vast problem solving experience to the program and influences students to innovate and think critically.
  • Emphasis is placed on developing intuition and transforming insights into fully reasoned and articulate proofs.
  • Simple ideas are transformed and applied in such ways that one is amazed at the possibilities and the creativity employed.
  • The featured problems are designed to challenge and excite. Delving into and delighting in the beauty of the solution makes the process meaningful and enjoyable.
  • Learn and develop the invaluable skill of proof writing that is critical, not only in math contests, but also research and many other areas of life.
Quick Facts
  • The six independent sections of AMY provide a short online course on the topic organized as if taught to a class.  You learn the subject matter by working through the examples and problems.
  • You receive depth and breadth for each topic coupled with feedback, video tutorials, and access to the authors as well as peers.
  • There are 25-75 problems per packet for all skill levels:  Easy, Medium, and Hard.  The problems allow you to really stretch your problem-solving muscles.

If you are an individual learner willing to invest at least 3 hours per week on well-conceived problems with rigorous proofs, you will find your abilities blossom and your motivation increase.  This investment in critical thinking, creative logical thought, and interesting ideas will be an asset to all those who choose the AMY program.

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Aug – Sept 2019Titu Andreescu and Alessandro VentulloInteger and Fractional Parts
Oct – NovTitu Andreescu and Alessandro VentulloSequences and Series
Dec 2019 – Jan 2020Radu BumbaceaCombinatorial Geometry
Feb – MarVlad CrisanCalculus in Olympiad Problems
Apr – MayWaldemar PompeAround Rotations
Jun – JulTitu Andreescu and Alessandro VentulloPigeonhole Principle
Aug – Sept 2019Alessandro VentulloAwesome Angles
Oct – NovMatthew BabbittAlgebraic Methods for Polynomials
Dec 2019 – Jan 2020Waldemar PompeRadical Axes and Inversion
Feb – MarHiram GolzeDiophantine Equations
Apr – MayRadu BumbaceaTopics in Graph Theory
Jun – JulAlessandro VentulloPolynomials in Mathematical Olympiads